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What We’ve Been Reading: The Links

It’s time for a roundup of all the random, weird and wonderful, oftentimes stranger than fiction news stories that have caught our attention over the past seven days, here are the links.

As the clocks go back, could 2018 be the last time they change? The EU looks set to abandon daylight saving time amid fears the effects are more prevalent than previously thought (The Guardian) Read More

Check out the list of 2018’s 50 most daring Entrepreneurs (Entrepreneur) Read More

Last December Canadian pharmaceutical billionaire Barry Sherman and his wife Honey were found murdered at their sprawling home, but who did it and why remains a mystery (Bloomberg) Read More

True Crime fans will be interested to hear that 75-year old Robert Durst – the focus of HBO documentary series The Jinx is set to face trial for murder (BBC News) Read More

Ok, it’s that time of the year, but quick question – would you buy a haunted house? (Curbed) Read More

From online bookseller to one of the most powerful corporations on the planet. How Amazon has changed the way we shop (The Verge) Read More

The man who started our obsession with all things Scandi style – Acne Studios’ founder Jonny Johansson (The Guardian) Read More

In a move that some may call political correctness gone mad, The Simpsons are dropping the Apu character. Although ti might not be the end for the Kwik-E-Mart owner (IndieWire) Read More

Every Halloween we all buy ourselves a pumpkin and try our best to emulate the incredible carving we see on Instagram. But why? (Time) Read More

Elon Musk – Loveable philanthropist entrepreneur or evil genius. Look at his plans for the future and decide for yourself. (Interesting Engineering) Read More

Mr. Vic Tandy – The first ghostbuster (Damn Interesting) Read More

Leicester City fans pay tribute to their heroic owner who led them to an unimaginable Premier League title (BBC News) Read More

Should you be wearing wool at your next gym session, eco-friendly and temperature regulating… (Men’s Health) Read More

A photographer is using washed up footballs to highlight plastic waste in our oceans (BBC) Read More

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