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5 of the Best Brands to Help Celebrate UK Coffee Week

5 of the Best Brands to Help Celebrate UK Coffee Week

A coffee grinder and a cup of coffee

UK Coffee Week has officially kicked off. To celebrate we’re championing five of the finest coffee brands around.

UK Coffee Week is a nationwide fundraising campaign for Project Waterfall, giving back to coffee growing communities by helping bring them clean drinking water. Every year thousands of coffee shops, roasters and individuals across the country take part to raise awareness and funds for this worthy cause.

Without further ado we want to introduce you to some fa-brew-lous coffee heroes who are experts at making a top cuppa. Cool beans!

Artisan Coffee Co.

Artisan Coffee Co Ultimate Collection

First up is the rather splendid Artisan Coffee Co., founded by Michelin-starred Chef Ashley Palmer-Watts in 2021. Their mantra is flavour first, and one sip shows they’re true to their word. Using a pioneering roasting method and high quality, ethically sourced beans which they blend to perfection, Artisan Coffee gives you barista-level results from the comfort of your own home.

They offer six sumptuous coffee blends from choc ‘n’ nut nirvana ‘The Heroine’ to the deluxe decaf of ‘The Dreamer’. And even have a range of beautifully crafted ‘Flight Chocolates’, designed to be eaten alongside the coffee to complement and enhance the flavour of the brew. We’re big fans of their 30g ground coffee sachets, which means super fresh, flavourful coffee every time.

Paddy & Scotts

Paddy and Scotts wholebean coffee range

Readers of The MALESTROM will know this isn’t the first time we’ve sung the praises of one of Britain’s best coffee brands, Paddy & Scott’s. The Suffolk firm have created some of the most consistent, flavourful blends in recent years, and continue to go from strength to strength. Their blends include the morning essential that is ‘Wakey Wakey’ and the rather mellow ‘Easy Days’ and their smooth drinking brew bags are pretty much the best in the business.

Paddy & Scott’s have also been busy creating Fairer trade 2.0, which helps give a tangible connection between the flat white you’re drinking and the worker picking the beans. Profits from their coffee farm project in Kenya are invested back into the schools of the worker’s children, providing equipment and education.

Özerlat Turkish Coffee

Özerlat Turkish Coffee

Some Turkish delight next in the shape of family coffee business Özerlat. Since their founding in 1917, and the not insignificant introduction of freshly roasted Turkish coffee to Cyprus, the Özerlat family have been brewing up a storm, taking only the best Arabica beans, then roasting and grinding them into the finest ground Turkish coffee.

With beans ground finer even than espresso, Turkish coffee is the original gourmet and it’s made using a ritual that dates back centuries. Aside from their premium Turkish coffees, Özerlat also offer sublime sweet treats from traditional Turkish Delights to authentic Tahin Helva.

Modern Standard Coffee

modern standard coffee

Modern Standard, founded by Lynsey Harley, a speciality coffee roaster in Glenrothes, Fife, is one of the few female run coffee businesses in the UK. Their aim has been to make great coffee accessible to everyone and to improve the quality of each cuppa by working with all sectors of the industry. After trying a cup, you’ll probably agree it’s been a successful mission.

We’ve especially enjoyed their newest award-winning Momentum Espresso Coffee, a blend of chocolatey 70% Brazil Santa Lucia combined with 30% Columbian el Porvenir adding sweet caramel notes. Pretty special.

Hermanos Colombian Coffee Roasters

Hermanos coffee

Last but certainly not least we bring to you Hermanos Colombian Coffee Roasters, an independent, UK-based speciality coffee roastery with 9 locations across London. They source all of their coffee beans straight from Colombia, and their founders, Santiago and Victor Gamboa, travel to visit the estates and farmers who grow their coffee as often as possible.

The brand put a large emphasis on sustainability and traceability, and are quite unique in how involved the coffee growers are with every step of the business, and how committed the owners are to showcasing the diversity and richness of Colombian culture and tradition. We’ve loved drinking their complexly flavoured Finca Las Flores. But you can’t go far wrong with any Hermanos roasts.

To find out more about UK Coffee Week and what you can do to support Project Waterfall visit:

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