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What We’ve Been Reading: The Links

There’s so much going on in this crazy world we live in, it’s the age of information overload. What’s worth your precious time and what’s best left circling the world wide web? Well, apparently Mars Bars might disappear from shelves in the UK in as little as two weeks, the kilogram is dead and the year 536 was officially the worst time to be alive. It’s time to share what we’ve been reading, here are the links people.

If you’re going to quit your job, you might as well go in a blaze of glory. Three men did just that. (Mel Magazine) Read More

During the heart of the Cold War, a 22-year-old RAF pilot was tasked with test dropping nuclear bombs in the Pacific (The Guardian) Read More

It’s 15 years since Lionel Messi made his debut for Barcelona, and as the years pass he somehow keeps on getting better and better. (BBC Sport) Read More

After the failed reboot, could we be seeing a Ghostbusters III anytime soon? (Flickering Myth) Read More

How Facebook employed a firm to circulate negative news about their competitors. You really can’t trust anybody in the age of manipulation. (The New Yorker) Read More

The impact of surveillance and why privacy is crucial to the health of the society that we live in. (Wired) Read More

Experts have revealed that food trends that are set to be flying off the shelves in 2019, including Hemp everything, faux meat and sea greens. (The Independent) Read More

The UK could run out of Mars Bars in 2 weeks if a Brexit deal isn’t reached – scary stuff. (Business Insider) Read More

It turns out the worst year to be alive was 536 according to medieval historian and archaeologist Michael McCormick (Science) Read More

The Interviews

An epic feast for Thanksgiving from the foodie man of the moment Yotam Ottolenghi (The Guardian) Read More

Rage Rooms are all the rage. Why smashing things could be good for our mental well being. (USA Today) Read More

After the legendary Marvel Comics King Stan Lee passes away, here’s a wonderful tribute featuring every one of his cameo appearances (Variety) Read More

How do you know if one of your online accounts has been hacked, and if it has, what the hell do you do? Here are some answers. (Motherboard) Read More

A momentous occasion is set to happen as scientists from the International Bureau of Weights and Measures will come together in Versailles this week and redefine the world’s weights system by saying goodbye to the kilogram. (The Verge) Read More

The deadly and mysterious viruses that make flu look like the common cold. (BBC) Read More

The Grandslam of Farts – darts match becomes a stinker after both players accuse each other of letting rip at the oche (The Guardian) Read More

How Hollywood production designers are building amazing new worlds (The Hollywood Reporter) Read More

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson spotted working out at a gym in Doncaster, much to the delight of locals. (iNews) Read More

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