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The MALESTROM Looks at Some of the Most Terrifying Scenes in Horror Film History

The MALESTROM Looks at Some of the Most Terrifying Scenes in Horror Film History

Most Terrifying Scenes in Horror Film History

Over here at The MALESTROM we are verifiable fans of horror, in fact, we love nothing more than closing the curtains and scaring the living daylights out of ourselves. Often in times during a miss-spent youth, we would seek out the worst and most talked about scares on the market, even persuading elderly relatives on a trip to Blockbuster (remember that place?) that it really was okay for an eleven-year-old to watch ‘Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer’.

Of course, this wasn’t the case and indeed we spent many a sleepless night regretting our bold and brave approach to Friday night viewing.

On that basis we decided to compile just a smidgen of some of the most terrifying scenes the horror industry has produced. We openly accept there are many more and would love to hear your thoughts in the comments, and as a word to the wise we left out Danny’s discovery while on his tricycle in ‘The Shining’, the red hood chase in ‘Don’t Look Now’, and that bit with the Nanny in ‘The Omen’ – if you haven’t seen them then do so now.

There’s some obvious and some less so, but we advise you turn off the lights and enjoy some serious scares! Oh yeah and major spoiler alert of course.

Blair Witch Project – It was way back in 1999 when The Blair Witch Project caused mayhem in cinemas the world over. The handheld, nauseating, home video original that sparked to this day a raft of found footage impersonators. There’s plenty of scares throughout but this culminating scene is pretty darn disturbing, especially when you’ve spent the previous 80 minutes hanging off the edge of your seat.

The Exorcist 3 – Unknown to many and rightfully overshadowed by it’s stellar predecessor. To be honest the film kind of labours along, and isn’t much to write home about, however, this particular scene in the hospital comes out of nowhere and truly is one of the greatest scares of all time. The slow build up and the fact there has been very few jumps prior, leaves the viewer nonchalantly thinking why am I staring at a corridor, until… bam!

Texas Chainsaw Massacre – The first sighting of Leather Face in the 1974 original is a truly terrifying scene in what was an unparalleled moment in the history of horror. The remake can’t stand up to the gritty, humid stench that reverberates around Tobe Hooper’s production, however this scene involving the legless and sweaty Grandpa is not one you’d want to find yourself in. Bring it!

Halloween 4 – Ok we’ll admit, here at The MALESTROM we are huge fans of Halloween and peerless slasher maniac Michael Myers, in fact we’ve seen every follow up, remake, and October 31st set movie in which Michael returned to Haddonfield to weave a wave of destruction there’s been – we’ve even watched the rubbish one with Busta Rhymes.

But it was Halloween 4 way back in 1988 that stands out as closest to the original. The intriguing plotline involving Michael’s niece Jamie ultimately mirroring good old uncle Mike, also takes the slow, fast walking thing to new levels in this film.

The Eye – Now at the status of classic, this absolute masterpiece from the Pang brothers initially went under the radar in the west until Hollywood thrust the gorgeous face of Jessica Alba into another disastrous remake. It’s a fantastic concept that’s heavy on scares with each one containing a subtle prolonged build up. This particular scene in an elevator is as good as it gets.

Insidious – All in all, the film, in general, is a true insomnia-inducing attack of nastiness, hence its name. One member of The MALESTROM HQ genuinely didn’t sleep for days after viewing the movie. This scene was partly responsible, as having a little ghost kid running round your house is pretty freaky whichever way you look at it.

Paranormal Activity 2 Tokyo Night – Paranormal Activity the original was a breakthrough film, a fantastic concept, offering a twist on the home video surveillance style genre. This Japanese spin-off that’s actually an official part of the franchise is awesome. Wheelchair-bound Haruka is being cared for by her brother after breaking both her legs in a car accident (great twist), but it turns out you don’t need a wheelchair when evil spirits abound.

Event Horizon – What’s worse than being in a room with someone who’s suffering from a demonic possession? Being in a room with someone who’s suffering a demonic possession on-board a spaceship in another dimension that’s what! Event Horizon was a box office flop after being rushed through the edit for an early release, however achieved a cult following on its video release.

The Houses That October Built – Building on the undoubted growing fascination with real-life Halloween horror experiences that are hugely popular over in the States. This film once again adopts the home video style this time on a road trip, to document a group of friends searching for the ultimate scare. The trailer promised much that the film couldn’t deliver, however, there are a number of truly disturbing scenes, this being right up there. Scary doll face woman child anyone!

The Orphanage – So we’ve talked ghost kids running around houses and accepted that’s pretty bad, now let’s add a horrible sack mask into the equation and things are getting pretty underwear changing-ly horrible. This Spanish film is a horror with a heart but for the most part a deeply dark one, not to be watched alone!

REC – This Spanish Zombie flick set in an apartment block, is proper edge of your seat stuff that’ll leave your nerves hanging out. It’s a relentless scarefest, that adopts the same shaky camera technique as Blair Witch, making for an uncomfortable ride. It’s global success meant a number of follow-ups, but none match the original.

Tell us about your favourite scare scenes in the comments below.

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