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5 Films to get Excited About in 2017

5 Films to get Excited About in 2017

Montage of five film posters including Blade Runner 2046, War For The Planet Of The Apes, The Snowman, Toni Erdmann, Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

So the New Year is upon us and we are laden with extra fat around our middles from festive feasts, with a list of resolutions that most of us have already broken. In the icy winds of January we definitely need some hope, some promise of a release from the relentless misery, and what better shining beacons to light up our lives than some brand spanking new films to keep us all thoroughly entertained.

Outside of our main selections there’s plenty of viewing on offer this year, starting with an exhausting glut of superhero films. Wonder Woman will grace the big screen as well as Spider-Man in yet another reboot Spider-Man: Homecoming. Thor is threatening  to pop up again and swing his hammer about as he takes on The Hulk in the catchily titled Thor: Ragnarok.

There’s another outing from those Guardians Of The Galaxy and Batman will be teaming with the aforementioned Wonder Woman, and a host of lycra clad buddies to form The Justice League. The Transformers franchise will continue to squeeze every penny they can out of their mega robots and even 90s favourites The Power Rangers are back.

Hugh Jackman’s purported last outing as Wolverine in Logan may be one of the only films of this bunch fully deserving a watch (extra props for using Johnny Cash’s Hurt in the trailer). Other blockbuster offerings to keep an eye out for are Kong: Skull Island where a group of explorers led by Brit Tom Hiddleston are faced with an island full of monsters including the big monkey in the title.

Keanu Reeves suits up again for ultra-brutal hitman sequel John Wick: Chapter 2, Scartlett Johansson plays a human/cyborg hybrid trying to take down a computer hacker in the live action version of manga classic Ghost In The Shell, Ridley Scott is reportedly going for all out terror with his follow up to PrometheusAlien: Covenant and Scientology’s favourite son Tom Cruise will be facing plenty of monster madness in The Mummy.

And that lot barely make up the iceberg’s tip of a film heavy 2017. Here are five of our recommendations in what’s set to be another crowded yet exciting year for movies, lets hope they live up to expectation.

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TONI ERDMANN (Out February)

You might not automatically put the words German and comedy together, but this gem of a film disproves any pre-conceptions you might have about Deutsche humour. Though it’s not all laughs as it also places highly as a real tearjerker. The story sees a lonely, practical joker father Winfried (Peter Simonischek) try to reconnect with his career focussed daughter Ines (Sandra Hüller) by turning up unannounced on her work trip to Romania.

His sudden appearance far from pleases his daughter and he agrees to return to Germany, but instead ends up putting on a wig and wearing some false teeth to pose as Toni, the company CEO’s life coach and with it brings a whole new level of madness to his offsprings life. Strangely life affirming and at times very funny Toni Erdmann makes for fulfilling viewing.

Check out the trailer HERE


If you haven’t seen the 2014 film Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes put it right to the top of your to-do list. After you have watched it you’ll be salivating at the prospect of this latest offering with simian bad-boy Caesar set to take on a human army helmed by the mysterious “Colonel” (Woody Harrelson), where the sides will battle for control of their species and ultimately the planet. No pressure then!

Early signs point to this being another barnstormer in the brilliant series.

Check out the trailer HERE

THE SNOWMAN (Out October)

For those partial to a bit of Nordic noir look no further than this adaptation of Scandi crime writer supremo Jo Nesbø’s 2007 novel. It stars Michael Fassbender as unorthodox detective Harry Hole, the man tasked with investigating a spate of murders by a serial killer who leaves snowmen at the scene of each crime.

Expect some grizzly murder scenes and top notch drama from a killer cast that includes Val Kilmer and Charlotte Gainsbourg.

BLADE RUNNER 2049 (Out October)

Details of this follow up to the seminal film classic Blade Runner are thin on the ground to say the least. We know Harrison Ford is back reprising his role as Deckard, with Ryan Gosling seemingly presiding over a star-studded cast. No Ridley Scott this time, instead directorial duties go to Denis Villeneuve, who having wowed audiences with last years Arrival may be just the man for this particular job.

Original Blade Runner producer and MALESTROM interviewee Michael Deeley was far from enamoured with the prospect of a sequel saying he “loathe’s the idea”, but we have to say we’re hopeful that this could be pretty darn great.

Check out the trailer HERE


Again here we’re much in the dark on this plot wise, but that won’t stop fevered anticipation after 2015’s The Force Awakens broke the box office. Thanks to writer/director Rian Johnson what we do know is the film will begin where it left off, meaning we’ll be re-introduced to a Mr Luke Skywalker (will he be the ‘last Jedi’ in the film’s title?) to see what he’s been up to all these years, growing a beard by the looks of things.

We’re sure to get more of the dastardly Rylo Ken and Supreme Leader Snoke and enough light-saber wielding action to keep us satisfied till the next instalment. There’s also the delicate issue of Carrie Fisher’s untimely death and what happens to Leia’s character. With the massive success of spin-off Rogue One expectation is sky high for this latest visit to the series.

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