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Cobra Kai is Back for a Second Season – Don’t Expect any Mercy

Cobra Kai is Back for a Second Season – Don’t Expect any Mercy

Cobra Kai Season 2

It was the summer of 2017 when we brought you the news that one of our all-time favourite 80s films was crane kicking its way onto our small screens for a YouTube Red series called Cobra Kai that was set to revisit the fierce rivalry between Karate Kid Daniel LaRusso and nemesis Johnny Lawrence.

Season 1 was set 30 years after the famous 1984 All Valley Karate Tournament, which Daniel won after beating Johnny with the famed kick, with the hit 10-episode series seeing a down at heel Johnny re-open the Cobra Kai dojo and reignite a fresh rivalry with the now successful car salesman Daniel. The show was a huge hit with fans, with the first episode alone getting 55 million views.

Following last season’s cliffhanger, this time around the bitter rivalry between Daniel (Ralph Macchio) and Johnny (William Zabka) will reach even greater heights when Daniel decides to open his own Miyagi-Do karate school after (SPOILER ALERT!) Cobra Kai took the title at the All Valley Championships after a controversial victory. And their feud spills over into the lives of their pupils who’ll be fighting to maintain the honour of their respective schools.

One of the other big developments this time around, and the news we were hoping for, is that Johnny’s ruthless sensei from the original film John Kreese (Martin Kove) who made an impactful cameo in the first season will be getting a far chunkier part this time around, displaying, no doubt, plenty of his brutal No mercy ethics.

Added bonus points for including a reworking of Bananarama’s Cruel Summer in the trailer, which was one of the standout tracks on the Karate Kid soundtrack. It bodes well for another season of nostalgia-tinged goodness.

All the episodes of Cobra Kai: Season 2 are out to binge watch on YouTube Red, April 24th. Watch the trailer below to whet your appetites.

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