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Trailer for Chilling New Netflix Series The Haunting of Hill House Looks Promising

Trailer for Chilling New Netflix Series The Haunting of Hill House Looks Promising

The Haunting of Hill House

A trailer for Netflix’s new horror series The Haunting of Hill House has just dropped and it makes for pretty uncomfortable viewing. Director Mike Flanagan, who previously directed the Netflix film Gerald’s Game, takes the reigns of this deeply creepy 10-episode show based on the classic Shirley Jackson novel of the same title.

The story’s been adapted before, most recently in the Liam Neeson starring shambles from 1999 that was The Haunting. Thankfully this new take looks set to be a far more chilling encounter. Deviating somewhat from the novel this version of The Haunting of Hill House tells the story of a family who’ve grown up in what seems to be a very haunted house. When a tragedy besets the family they must re-unite and return to the spooky building to face their fears once again.

The trailer begins with a young girl talking to her mother (Carla Gugino), concerned about having a bad dream. Which all seems like normal bedtime chat until the child mentions being worried about her Mum sending her “into the dark” where she’ll get hurt, or “really hurt” as her kid brother sleeping in the same room chimes in.

The horror ramps up as next we see these children as adults with faces as haunted as their former abode as we hear their unnerving childhood words continue about this nightmare that could well be real.

“What if I’m so sad and scared of the dark out there that I put poison in me for years and years until my blood turns into poison?”

The young brother’s words are spoken over images of his grownup self-injecting drugs, leading into scenes of what might come in the future, such as the young girl in a coffin leading to a very disturbing scene in a morgue.

All these nightmares it materialises may not be from a family curse, or the fact they’re all crazy, but rather from the nefarious house itself, at least so says Father Hugh (Timothy Hutton).

More disturbing past and present images continue with ghostly goings on, a car swerving off a road and even a hand bursting out of a grave grabbing someone’s wrist à la Carrie. Added to this we get the strains of ‘Our House’ by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young played eerily on a piano. Their lyrics “our house is a very, very fine house” seeming suitably unfitting.

It looks like we’ve got ten episodes of genuine terror coming our way and we have to say, we can not wait.

The Haunting of Hill House premieres October 12th on Netflix.

If you dare check out the trailer below…

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