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What to Watch in Isolation

What to Watch in Isolation

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As the realities of the new normal hit home, life indoors is something we’re all getting used to like it or not. And to keep us entertained, it’s unsurprising that many of us turn to our trusted telly’s so we can switch on in order to switch off.

Although currently life isn’t made easier by the fact that the mainstream channels opt to give us large doses of rolling 24-hour news updates and regular evening documentaries asking burning questions like, ‘When will this end?’ and ‘What you need to know?’

Well one thing we do know is during this Coronavirus crisis we’re all in need of some serious escapism. So, that being said we’ve pulled together some recommendations for some hidden gems to be found across the streaming platforms to give you the lowdown on some essential lockdown viewing.

The Burger and the King BBCiPlayer

The hugely influential BBC series Arena was initially broadcast in the seventies, notable for the classic melody created by the enigmatic Brian Eno.

There is in the dark corners of BBCiPlayer a number of classic episodes, including this quirky but fascinating cult feature, focusing the voracious appetite of Elvis Presley, and the meals he insisted on scoffing, be he in Memphis or Las Vegas. There’s a whole host of fascinating characters narrating the story, and it’s well worth an hour of your isolation.

Fred  Amazon Prime

Freddie Foreman is one of Britain’s most notorious gangland figureheads, made more famous for his association with the dastardly Kray twins, and his role in the famous 1983 bank heist that saw 6 million stolen from a London security company.

In this documentary, Foreman lays bare his life and crimes, in a truly fascinating watch, adding details to all the stories and rumours, with might we add, the typical reserve of a career criminal. He once owned clubs, bars, countless properties a boxing gym and a casino, but, finds himself whiling away his final years in sheltered accommodation, with little or no contact from his family.

Handmade Wood BBCiPlayer

Slow TV is something a lot of people might not have time for in their usually hectic lives, however, right now when the whole world is moving in slow motion, what better time than now to sit back and watch a master craftsman doing his thing.

There was until recently on BBCiPlayer an outstanding film called The Last Igloo, that followed a lone Inuit as he hunted for fish on frozen arctic lakes before steadily constructing an Igloo from scratch, it’s well worth a watch if you can track it down. In this hazy chronicle, we follow Jim Steele as he goes through the painstaking process of making a Windsor chair from humble beginnings to a finished thing of beauty.

Bill Hicks Revelations Netflix

What on earth would Bill Hicks have to say about the current situation we find ourselves? We’d give good money for a slice of his wisdom right now, no scratch that, what on earth would he think of the world that led us into this sorry mess, more pertinently.

Either way, some of his procrastinations and ramblings are more relevant now than ever before, a man ahead of his time, but, very much of his time, he was a genius that left us too early, but, with much to ponder.

“It’s all about money, not freedom. You think you’re free? Try going somewhere without money.” – Bill Hicks

Lemmy Netflix

It’s hard to know whether Lemmy would have been any good in lockdown, assuming he had a crate of Jack Daniels stockpiled in his small LA flat and computer games at the ready, methinks he’d have been just fine.

In this brilliant documentary, we get a more intimate portrait of the man, in his most familiar surroundings and it turns out, he’s as uncomplicated and straightforward as he appears to be. Still, he knows his music history and has some fascinating tales to tell.

Gangs of London Now TV

It’s present-day London, and a turbulent war threatens to bring the capital to a standstill as rival gangs battling for supremacy of one of the most multicultural societies on the planet and the financial heartbeat of the Western world.

As the leader of the largest criminal organisation in the city is assassinated, everything is up for grabs, and the Albanians, Jamaicans, Chinese, Pakistani’s, Italian’s seek to take control in this gripping series.

Our Godfather Netflix

This feature-length documentary hones in on the life and times of Tommaso Buscetta, the very first Mafia boss to turn tail and cough up the all too valuable incriminating evidence that helped convict 400 members of the Cosa Nostra.

Of course, such actions brought damning consequences, despite becoming the Mafia’s most wanted man – 11 members of his family were killed, as the scale of his desertion comes back to haunt him.

Voyeur Netflix

An under the radar little documentary that’s completely mental and well worth some of your idle time. Meet Gerald Foos, owner of a Colorado motel who allegedly watched his ever-changing clientele from a secret observational platform he created in the building’s attic.

Brought into the public conscience through a painstaking journalistic investigation that unearthed a bonkers world that’s creepy, but massively compelling.

Minding the Gap BBCiPlayer

We flagged this up a couple of years ago prior to its release, and if you haven’t seen it yet, well, there’s no time like the present and all that.

A coming of age documentary from exciting young filmmaker Bing Liu following the life and times of this two best friends (including Liu) over several years as they bond over their love of skateboarding, shared experiences, hardships and past trauma resulting in a mature and insightful look at wayward adolescents on the verge of adulthood. Raw, emotional and inspiring.

Dark Side of the Ring Vice

Most sports fans around the world are currently pining for the return of their respective seasons, but one athletic endeavour that’s managed to carry on in slightly haunted form, performing in front of crowdless arenas is wrestling.

This brilliant documentary series from Vice, which you can stream for free on YouTube, looks at the shadier side of the grap game, focussing on jaw dropping historical moments. This season started off by shining a light on the tragic story of wrestling icon turned murderer Chris Benoit, and continued with a look at the controversial figure of New Jack. Real life drama at its very best.

Seinfeld All 4

What better time than now to watch some classic comedy, from the genius mind of Larry David. Seinfeld is an absolute classic in the realms of the US sitcom and with season after season to get stuck into, you’ll likely laugh your way through the lockdown, as stand up comedian Jerry’s chaotic life and quirky misfit friends fill their days with outlandish shenanigans.

Prince Naseem Hamed vs Kevin Kelley Queensberry Promotions Youtube

Those missing some serious sporting action are having to make do with reruns of old FA Cup matches and podcasts about well not very much. But, if like us you enjoy a bit mano-a-mano then it’s well worth checking out the plethora of classic boxing matches being replayed on various Youtube channels.

Frank Warren’s team are Queensberry have done just that, and, we thought what better time than now to reacquaint ourselves with the fabulously entertaining and most talented of British boxers Prince Naseem Hamed. A great, yet, truly unfulfilled talent.

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