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Winter Grooming Guide

Winter Grooming Guide

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While the coming of Winter might signal the arrival of some much needed festive cheer, it also means the season of survival when it comes to skincare. The combination of central heating, plummeting temperatures and very little help from our friend mr sunshine, means that these cold months make it a challenge to keeping your lovely visage in good nick and everything else properly groomed.

Luckily there’s some brilliant products out there that can work miracles to make you guys as smooth as Cary Grant and as well groomed as a prize poodle. So, without further ado, here’s our Winter grooming guide, featuring some fantastic products that can help you to worry less about your looks and more about that upcoming heating bill you can’t pay.

Vitruvian Man All Day Hydrator Vitruvian Man All Day Hydrator

We’ve championed Vitruvian Man before, and continue to do so as they make products of serious quality. Their uniquely clean and green formulas tick massive boxes being vegan, cruelty-free and dermatologically tested. This plant-based All Day Hydrator provides five times the hydration than traditional Hyaluronic Acid. From the first try your skin visibly hydrates, reducing wrinkles and brightens up your skin tone. It’s a yes from us.

Temple Face Cleanser Temple Face cleanser

New kids on the skincare block Temple, have been gaining friends quickly with their products that aim to help men form daily self-care routines. They’ve got some perfect preparations for keeping your skincare on point. We’re big fans of their Gentle Face Cleanser made with natural ingredients like organic aloe vera and green tea extract. It removes dirt, excess oil, and toxins from your face without harshly stripping skin dry and protects your skin from spots & breakouts. Perfect for a post-workout freshener.

Bee Bald Healing Balm

bee bald healing balm

Bee Bald were set up to cater for the shaving and skin care needs of blokes who wanted products that could be used on both faces and heads. We’re really impressed with their natural ingredients – honey and pollen extracts are integral components to each of their products. Their healing balm is great post-shave, with it calming and soothing the skin whilst improving the physical appearance of shaving related nicks, bruises, irritations and blemishes.

Aesop Parsley Seed Eye Serum

Aesop parsley seed eye serum

We’ve always been suckers for a good serum. And this powerful blend from Aesop is just that. It’s made up of naturally derived botanical ingredients like parsley seed and blue chamomile and is formulated with vitamin C and anti-oxidants to hydrate nourish and protect the delicate skin around the eyes. This serum is definitely something you’ll want in your grooming toolkit moving forward.

GLO32 Advanced Whitening System Kit

GLO32 Advanced Whitening System Kit

To go with your perfect skin and hair you’ll also want teeth as white as driven snow, which is where this nifty little whitening kit from Glo 32 comes in. Formulated with Coconut Oil, which is natural and gentler on the teeth than most similar preparations, these advanced non-peroxide whitening strips are a 14 day treatment that will help you on your way to a whiter, brighter smile so you can be as proud of your gnashers as you are your sparkling skin.



Anyone struggling with body confidence due to scars will want to seek out this great treatment. Kelo-Cote is a silicone gel that helps smooth, soften and flatten scars as well as relieving any itching, pain and reducing redness. It’s recommended to use the treatment for 60-90 days and it’s clinically proven to get noticeable results. This one is a miracle worker for anyone with scarring issues.

Hoosh Hair Removal Cream

Hoosh Hair removal cream

Although it’s probably something you’ve never admitted to anyone, chances are at some point in your life you’ve used hair removal cream. Well something that was once slightly taboo for blokes has been addressed by Hoosh. Their hair removal cream is perfect for ridding yourself of unwanted hair without the itchy skin and razor burn that comes with shaving. It’s formulated using the likes of Aloe Vera, Chamomile Oil, Coconut Oil and Neroli, which removes the usual odours of these types of cream. Hair today, gone tomorrow.

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