The band Reef

Rockers Reef Speak to The MALESTROM

They burst onto the British music scene in the early 90s – hailing from Glastonbury…

British Wrestler Pollyanna stands holding a sword betwwen her eyes as she stares into camera. She is wearing a costume reminiscent of a Game Of Thrones character

British Women’s Wrestler Pollyanna Talks the Grappling Game

The MALESTROM interviews top British female professional wrestler Pollyanna about her journey into the weird and wonderful world of grappling.

Whyte Horses by Jon Shard

Interview with Sonically Shapeshifting Band Whyte Horses

Manchester has serious form when it comes to producing great sounding bands shrouded in a little mystery. Whyte Horses certainly fit that description.

kevin O Hagan arms crossed dressed in his martial arts outfit and black belt

Self Defence Master Kevin O’Hagan Speaks To the MALESTROM

Some of you may not be aware of Kevin O’Hagan, but it’s about time you were. Described as ‘the best Combat JuJutsu man in the UK’, Kevin is a self defence expert who’s knowledge and skill mark him out as one of the leading combat specialists in Britain and possibly the world

Original Blade Runner film poster featuring Harrison Ford holding a gun

Final Part of Blade Runner Producer Michael Deeley’s Interview

In the final part of our interview with Michael Deeley. The British Producer gives his thoughts on making one of the greatest sci-fi films of all time Blade Runner.

The iconic film poster of The Man Who Fell To Earth featuring David Bowie

“He Believed That His Mobile House Was Standing Over an Indian Burial Ground.” Michael Deeley Interview P2

A hallucinating David Bowie, furious Warren Beatty and unmanageable Sam Peckinpah. All in a life’s work for producer Michael Deelely.

David Bowie: The Early Years

Read our exclusive interview with one of David Bowie’s first loves Mary Finnigan about her recollections of a pre-superstar Bowie and their surprisingly un-rock-and-roll life together.

Poster for the film 'The Deer Hunter'

Part 1 of The MALESTROM’s Interview with Oscar Winning British Producer Michael Deeley

The Deer Hunter, Blade Runner, The Italian Job – Only one man knows…