Folk musician John Smith stood playing his guitar with his eyes closed. The photograph is black and white and he is wering a dark shirt with white buttons

Folk Story: The MALESTROM Interviews Musician John Smith

Read our interview with the fantastic British folk musician John Smith about life on the road, and his terrific new album Headlong.

Comedian and rapper Doc Brown sits in a leather arm chair spinning a record on a finger of his right hand

Multi-talented Rapper & Comedian Doc Brown Goes Deep With The MALESTROM

After a decade out of the serious hip-hop game Doc Brown is leaving the laughs behind for lyrics with newly released single Corruptible and upcoming album Stemma.

A surfer lies on his board ready to catch a wave as the sun sets below the horizon of the sea behind him

“This is How I Die” – Brett Archibald: Lost at Sea

Brett Archibald survived 28 and a half hours alone at sea having fallen overboard from a chartered boat. With no lifejacket, this is his incredible story.

What is the Meaning of Life?

Ever wanted to know what the meaning of your existence is? Well join the queue. One…

record breaking Adventurer Ash Dykes stands on top of a mountain in Madagascar. A chicken's head can be seen poking out of his rucksack. Pic taken by Suzanna Tierie

Living On the Edge – Record Breaking Welsh Adventurer Ash Dykes

Most of us dream of a life filled with adventure, but a handful of us actually go out into the world and find it. Record breaking Welsh explorer Ash Dykes is one of those men. Read his story here.

Personal Trainer Dan Roberts

Witness the Fitness: A-list Personal Trainer Dan Roberts

Dan Roberts is the most sought after personal trainer to come out of Britain and one of the most important figures in the fitness and wellbeing industry. Read our interview with him here.

The band Reef

Rockers Reef Speak to The MALESTROM

They burst onto the British music scene in the early 90s – hailing from Glastonbury…

British Wrestler Pollyanna stands holding a sword betwwen her eyes as she stares into camera. She is wearing a costume reminiscent of a Game Of Thrones character

British Women’s Wrestler Pollyanna Talks the Grappling Game

The MALESTROM interviews top British female professional wrestler Pollyanna about her journey into the weird and wonderful world of grappling.

Whyte Horses by Jon Shard

Interview with Sonically Shapeshifting Band Whyte Horses

Manchester has serious form when it comes to producing great sounding bands shrouded in a little mystery. Whyte Horses certainly fit that description.