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Health & Fitness Tech to Kickstart the New Decade

Health & Fitness Tech to Kickstart the New Decade

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Smartwatches are old news, in fact, we’ve become so blasé when it comes to technology and the endless possibilities, we take each passing improvement well and truly in our stride.

With wearable technology a booming business, expected to be worth close to $60 billion come 2022, the Lord only knows what we’ll be capable of or connected to come the end of this decade. And while many of us are slightly concerned/overwhelmed at the prospect, there’s also a wealth of opportunity to improve people’s lives, which when used well will actually free up some time for other pursuits. 

Lets not also forget the many fitness and well-being apps that can and will improve your life both physically and mentally plus new trends including DNA fitness and mindful training, health monitoring to sleep hacking, the explosion in the industry can bring big rewards.

The problem is there’s so much going on, most people don’t know where to start. Well, we’ve picked out some simple, subtle but equally effective new fitness products, including some top wearable tech that’ll help kickstart your campaign for a healthier year… no decade!

Myzone MZ-20 Scales – £59.99

Myzone is the new fitness product companion your life is lacking. And the super-duper MZ-20 digital smart scales give you an advance and intelligent reading of your body metrics, including weight, body fat, muscle mass, body water and much more. The scales provide all of the essential data you need for a full health review, all from the comfort of your own home via the free Myzone app. Small changes bring big results, and Myzone offers detailed data that’ll help you bounce into the new decade. 

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8 Motion – £300.00    

One thing that helps with the torture and trauma of your newfound exercise regimen, is some inspiring music, a positive podcast, or the ability to stay connected while you’re refining that broken body. The Beoplay E8 Motion earphones offer a solution that’s designed for those looking for true wireless freedom. A great fit and extremely comfortable the Beoplay E8 Motion has wireless charging, which allows you to roam free in the wilds and conquer body and mind. As well as the superior sound quality, it’s the simple and elegant design features that make them market leaders. 

Tangram Smart Rope Pure – £59.95

Smart Rope - Skipping rope

Tangram has created a range of new fitness products in the shape of skipping ropes that cater for all degrees of cardio capabilities, but with steadfast commitment will take your fitness levels new heights. The SmartRope PURE takes skipping to new levels, and bear in mind that skipping burns twice the number of calories for the same time running and offers you a total body workout Using magnetic sensors this rope tracks your reps, and when synced with Smart Gym mobile app, you’ll have access to a whole host of data.

Form Swimming Goggles – £150

Form Swimming goggles

Form swimming goggles are like an underwater sci-fi movie. Alright, we understand that not everyone all of a sudden wants a load of workout-related data, but it’s through the ability to track our exercise that we can improve and, as the Form goggles display realtime information like stroke rate, and length times, you can push yourself harder as you go. You’ll also be able to see distance covered, calories burned and your heart rate. The modern world eh? Nuts.

Bowflex Smart Dumbbells – £399

Bowflex smart dumbellsSmart dumbells, who needs them? People who lack space in this overcrowded chaotic world we inhabit, that’s who. They also happen to be incredibly time efficient when it comes to getting the most out of your workouts and dropping or increasing weight with ease at the twist of a dial. It’s essentially 15 pairs of dumbbells in one, as new fitness products go this one is pretty smart if you ask us. 

Hidrate Spark 3 Water Bottle – £59.99

Hidrate Spark smart water bottleA survey carried out by the RNLI, and we’re sure why found that a staggering 89% of people aren’t drinking enough water day to day. More shockingly 20% of men aren’t drinking any water at all during a 24 hour period. Step forward the Hidrate Spark water bottle. Sync up to the hydration app, where you’ll receive reminders to your phone to drink up, or simply keep an eye for the glow as the bottle lights up to tell you it’s time. 

VUE Smart Fitness Glasses – £210

VUE carbon fibre glasses

These smart glasses from VUE, are unique in that their sutle styling means they’re suitable for everyday use, but they’re so much more. Channel your inner Bond, thanks to the touch interface that’s embedded in the arm of the frame. The use of bone conduction audio technology, allows you to easily listen to music, take calls and hear notifications without drowning out the noise of your environment, keeping you safe and sound! They also track movement, distance, calories burned etc, making them a great help in resolving your New Year wishes. 

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