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Meet the Band: Flawes

Meet the Band: Flawes


It was back in 2015 that after a chance meeting between three session musicians, Josh Carruthers (Vocals, Keyboard), Freddie Edwards (Guitar) and Josh Hussey (Drums), that British Indie Pop trio Flawes were born.

Bursting onto the scene without warning, their self-released debut single Don’t Wait For Me catapulted the lads into the limelight, gaining recognition on the major radio stations and an army of fans.

What followed was a madcap blur of shows, gigs, festivals and good old fashioned touring, and as a host of labels queued up, they signed a deal with Red Bull Records.

Amid the chaos and acclaim, Flawes took a step back from the public eye and focussed on their sound, hitting the studio and recording some music. And, after 18 months getting creative, and penning their new album, the boys returned bigger and better than ever.

We caught up with JC, Huss and Freddie, to find out a little bit more about life in the fast lane. Meet Flawes…

The MALESTROM: Tell us about your road into music?

JC: I took up piano at a very early age and put that to good use when starting my first band aged 13. I spent the majority of my teens either in a garage in band practice or out playing gigs in pubs and bars pretending we were 18.

My parents never really pushed any of their musical tastes on me so I was actually super fortunate to go on my own musical discovery by renting cd’s every week at the library.

Huss: Both my mum and dad are really into music, they have a great record collection, I basically grew up dancing around my living room to Prince songs.

I remember always being fascinated by the drums, a family friend very kindly lent me a drum kit and I began teaching myself around 8 years old. Similarly to JC I grew up playing in different bands through high schools and just never stopped playing really.

Freddie: My Dad is a musician and was always very encouraging of the interest I showed in guitar. I’d spend time on the road with him as a child and was always in awe of the band performing.

I think it clicked pretty early on for me that that was the path I wanted to follow.

TM: What are your prime musical ambitions?

JC: Longevity, to be able to have a long career doing what I love.

Huss: I guess to just to play music I love, for as long as I possibly can with my best friends. That is enough to put a smile on my face.

Freddie: I think music is such a powerful thing, it basically creates a soundtrack to your life. My ambitious is for Flawes to be the soundtrack to as many lives as possible!

TM: What would you be doing right now if you hadn’t gotten a career in music?

JC: I used to be a tennis coach before doing music full time, so would probably be in the rain on a tennis court right about now.

Huss: Probably something involving carpentry, I still do this in my spare time, not because I’m particularly skilled at it, but I find it quite therapeutic and it brings me happiness.

Freddie: I’m pretty active so I imagine something within fitness.

TM: Where do you call home?

JC: Huddersfield (Although I live in London).

Huss: Huddersfield through and through (although I now live in Buckinghamshire) I needed to live south but I needed some greenery.

Freddie: South West London and Sussex. Me and my family spent a lot of time by the coast growing up.

TM: Ok, you’re hosting a meal for three guests – then can be famous, friends, dead, alive, whatever – who are they?

JC: David Attenborough, Pete Sampras, Freddie Mercury.

Huss: Travis Barker, Will Ferrell & 2Pac.

Freddie: Louis Theroux, John Mayer and Benjamin Clymer (Hodinkee).

TM: Your stranded on an island, you only have one album. Which is it?

JC: Jeff Buckley Grace.

Huss: Rumours – Fleetwood Mac.

Freddie: Steely Dan – Gaucho.

TM: Who’s the one person you call in a crisis?

JC: My sister Isobel.

Huss: My dad, Andy.

Freddie: Sarah my girlfriend.

Left to right Josh Hussey, Jack Carruthers, Freddie Edwards

TM: What’s your musical ‘guilty pleasure’?

JC: Take That.

Huss: The Barenaked Ladies.

Freddie: The soundtrack to The Greatest Showman.

TM: Who’s the best cook in the band and what’s your signature dish?

JC: Not me, I manage to somehow set off the smoke alarm in every Airbnb the three of us stay in.

Huss: I think Freddie’s going to take it upon himself to say he’s the best, but recently I’ve been upping my game for sure.

Freddie: I think JC is better than Huss but I’m by far the best.

TM: If you could collaborate with any musician alive or dead who would it be?

JC: Paul McCartney.

Huss: Being a drummer, I love to play Hip Hop music, so collaborating with any hip hop artist would be a dream. There are so many greats to pick from. I’m really digging Octavian at the moment, that could be cool or maybe Drake.

Freddie: Freddie Mercury.

TM: What fruit or vegetable do you associate with most?

JC: Carrot.

Huss: Aubergine (only cause I literally just ate one).

Freddie: Sweet potato!

TM: What’s the best gig you’ve ever been to?

JC: The first one that springs to mind would be Half Moon Run at Shepherds Bush Empire a few years ago. Goosebump central.

Huss: Oooh man that’s tough, I saw Kendrick Lamar last year which was incredible, seeing Prince was pretty special too he was such an influence growing up, it was one of those shows where I couldn’t believe he was only 15 ft away.

Freddie: I can definitely vouch for what JC said, I saw them at the Roundhouse and that show is up there for me. I’d say Tommy Emmanuel live was another highlight.

TM: Tell us about the worst gig you’ve played…

JC: I got carried away on one gig and my keyboard was wobbling so hard it actually fell off its stand. I managed to somehow catch it before it hit the ground and finish the song. Awkward.

Huss: Ha! Where do I start… there have been some bad ones, but the most uncomfortable one was maybe when I had a bad stomach on tour in Germany a few years back… and I have a vibrating drum stool with a sub in the seat… you can only imagine the relief when I got off stage.

Freddie: I left my capo off stage at a Flawes show supporting Ella Eyre – it completely ruined part of the set! I wanted the ground to swallow me up.

Left to right Josh Hussey, Jack Carruthers, Freddie Edwards

TM: How much does the environment around you affect your music?

JC: Completely, I love the hustle and bustle fast-paced lifestyle of living in London.

Huss: Yeah totally, although my environment has recently become a lot more relaxed so maybe album 2 will be super mellow…

Freddie: We work in a lot of different studios and I think the ambiance of the room can definitely affect the type of song that’s created.

TM: What’s your best/worst touring experience?

JC: Probably touring around Germany last year supporting Maximo Park. Their fans really adopted us and were super welcoming.

Huss: I’m with JC on that, Germany was really really special for us.

Freddie: Me three! (best not worst).

TM: Who’s the most badly behaved on tour?

JC: We’re all as bad as each other.

Huss: We all have our moments for sure, I’m not naming any names haha.

Freddie: Huss.

TM: What was the last book you read?

JC: Ant Middleton’s Autobiography – First Man In.

Huss: Anthony Kiedis’s Autobiography – Scar Tissue.

Freddie: A Confederacy of Dunces (John Kennedy Toole).

TM: Who’d play you lot in a film?

JC: The Jonas Brothers.

Huss: Hahaha the chipmunks!

Freddie: JC pretty much nailed it.

TM: Where would your dream gig (performance) take place?

JC: John Smith Stadium in Huddersfield would be the ultimate.

Huss: Brixton Academy is a dream of mine, Red Rocks would be pretty mind-blowing too…

Freddie: Wembley arena for me.

TM: Tell us about your new music…

JC: Feel good, upbeat, alternative pop.

Huss: Honest music, that we loved writing and love playing even more.

Freddie: The result of a lot of hard work and searching for a sound that felt right to the three of us.

TM: Can you give us one piece of wisdom you’ve learned from your time together as a band?

JC: To enjoy the now. I always get carried away concentrating and worked up thinking about what’s coming next and instead forget to enjoy myself.

Huss: Be nice to everyone you meet and laugh as much as you can, every moment is special.

Freddie: Don’t let setbacks knock you down. Keep working hard and focus on the positive.

For all the latest release dates and touring schedule head on over to the Flawes website HERE

You can also follow the boys on Spotify or get downloading on iTunes

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