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Muhammad Ali Wrote a Letter to Frank Bruno in 1993 and it’s brilliant

Muhammad Ali Wrote a Letter to Frank Bruno in 1993 and it’s brilliant

Muhammad Ali pictured in 1966

An article in Boxing News and Reviews has unearthed a touching letter shared between two legends of the ring. The heartwarming discovery of the letter Muhammad Ali wrote to Frank Bruno back in 1993, underlines not only what a true great he was in the sporting world, but moreover what a gracious and genuine individual he really was.

Ali was getting in touch to reach out to Frank after it emerged he was going through a tough time.

Frank was diagnosed with bipolar in 2003 and has battled demons since, thankfully when we spoke to him late last year in our interview here, he told us he was “on top of the world, never better.”

Ali was Frank’s idol, so the gesture of a letter sent to him by one of the all-time greats was sure to have been a special moment. In the letter, the humour of ‘The People’s Champ’ comes through as he composes a rhyme for the Brit boxer, alongside meaningful words that Frank is “in his prayers” and that he should “stay strong”.

Frank Bruno leaning on his hand looking into the camera

Here are the words Ali wrote to Frank…

Dear Frank,

When I watch you fight I am happy that I didn’t come along now. From what I see, you could have given me a whole lot of trouble. I know you are a good man and have a nice personality, and you are not bad looking either. If we were matched for a title bout, it would be awful hard for me to make myself angry enough to fight you.

So, Frank, I am glad we never fought, and I am glad we will never have to fight… I like you too much!

For I am no fool

I’ve been to school

You’re too cool

You’re not dumb enough to stay on the stool

And let me rule.

In all seriousness, I am really sorry I can’t be there with you tonight but know that you are in my thoughts and in my prayers. Stay strong.

God bless you and good luck!

Muhammad Ali

A letter addressed to Frank Bruno from Muhammed Ali

Muhammad Ali’s letter really does underline his reputation for being class personified inside and outside of the ring. He may have passed away in 2016 but his legacy remains and his words and actions continue to resonate through generations.

And as for Frank, only he knows just how important that letter was, two years after receiving it he reached the top of the boxing mountain when he took out Oliver McCall at Wembley, maybe those words were a catalyst for his greatest success.

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