Sumo fight between Musashikuni Mamu and Tomisakae Ryutaro

Sumo Wrestling Just Got More Interesting

Sumo, a sport steeped in tradition, packed full of ritual, and supposedly one of the most honourable…

Bulletproof Your Immune System and Survive Winter’s End

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Super Bowl LI graphic

7 Things you Need to Know Before Super Bowl Sunday

So it’s that time of the year when America comes to a complete standstill, Donald…

Someone doing a yoga pose on a beach in front of the water. They have their hands up and stand on one leg in a sun salutation position

Yoga – A Beginners Guide

There is an increasing number of men who, leading increasingly hectic lives have sought out the comfort…

jack Dempsey Boxing In An Old Ring

The World of Boxing in 2017

Pantomime season started early over at the Dorchester Hotel in the salubrious surroundings of Park…

Tough as Nails sportsmen written in nails

The MALESTROM Salutes Eight Tough as Nails Sportsmen

The Autumn International Rugby Scene is back and in full flow. And watching these giants of…

Personal Trainer Dan Roberts

Witness the Fitness: A-list Personal Trainer Dan Roberts

Dan Roberts is the most sought after personal trainer to come out of Britain and one of the most important figures in the fitness and wellbeing industry. Read our interview with him here.

Attack Defence

Attack Versus Defence – The Premier League Story Unfolds

As the current Premier League campaign begins to unravel, and teams start to find their…

A traffic cone looks stark in front of a dusty football goal surrounded by trees

Premier League Top Ten – Early Season Grades

As we come towards the end of October the Prem league table starts to take…