Attack Defence

Attack Versus Defence – The Premier League Story Unfolds

As the current Premier League campaign begins to unravel, and teams start to find their…

A traffic cone looks stark in front of a dusty football goal surrounded by trees

Premier League Top Ten – Early Season Grades

As we come towards the end of October the Prem league table starts to take…

British Wrestler Pollyanna stands holding a sword betwwen her eyes as she stares into camera. She is wearing a costume reminiscent of a Game Of Thrones character

British Women’s Wrestler Pollyanna Talks the Grappling Game

The MALESTROM interviews top British female professional wrestler Pollyanna about her journey into the weird and wonderful world of grappling.

Who Should Be the Next England Manager?

There’s been growing support in recent days for Gareth Southgate to become the long term…

kevin O Hagan arms crossed dressed in his martial arts outfit and black belt

Self Defence Master Kevin O’Hagan Speaks To the MALESTROM

Some of you may not be aware of Kevin O’Hagan, but it’s about time you were. Described as ‘the best Combat JuJutsu man in the UK’, Kevin is a self defence expert who’s knowledge and skill mark him out as one of the leading combat specialists in Britain and possibly the world

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5 Documentaries About Fighting Men

Start watching clips of sporting greats on Youtube, and you’ll invariably find yourself at some…

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Is the Premier League the Best in the World?

Paul Scholes’ recent comments regarding the elite competition in England – that being the Premier…

Brock Lesnar - Toughest man on the planet?

Is Brock Lesnar the Toughest Man on the Planet?

Is WWE and UFC colossos Brock Lesnar really the toughest man on the planet? The MALESTROM discusses the matter here.

Lightning strikes over a dark blue town. Is it Rio?

The World’s Fastest Man: The Rio Olympics 100 metres

With the Rio Olympics in full sporting swing The MALESTROM previews this years 100 metres event with the big names of the sprint world gunning for gold