Picture of a sunset on Ainsdale beach. The sky is glowing below deep blue clouds

A New Season Dawns: Who Can Win the Premier League?

So the new Premier League season is nearly upon us, It feels a little too soon. Read our preview of the runners and riders in contention for the title.

5 coloured Olympic rings with The Christ statue in Rio visible through them

The Greatest Show on Earth? Seriously? Rio 2016 Opening Ceremony Review

Ever helpful The MALESTROM has reviewed the Olympic opening ceremony for you so you don’t have to sit through the never ending spectacle.

A big pair of black boxing gloves

Riches to Rags: Cautionary Tales from the World of Boxing

The MALESTROM’s resident boxing writer David Jarvis describes the roller coaster journey many boxing careers endure ahead of Kell Brook’s big title fight

A photograph of an old school gymnasium


If you’re looking for some summer fitness inspiration, or just need a boot up the…

Orange ball on football pitch

Rich Man’s World: Football Super Spending

One of our favourite past times here in the UK is criticising our pampered, overpaid…

A fast bowler sends down a delivery as the batsman readys himself

Need for Speed: The Art of Fast Bowling

Watching the Pakistani quick’s toiling for two days on a lifeless Old Trafford pitch as…

A black and white wall stencil of Bruce Lee in a fighting stance

Get a Bruce Lee body Part 1: Diet

Looking to finally get round to achieving that body you’ve always dreamed of. Sick of…

An man scales an indoor climbing wall

Sports for Fitness & Super Strength – Bouldering

Not all muscles are earned from time spent throwing iron around down the gym. There are other ways to develop that super strength and flat out fitness you’ve always dreamed of. And through sports you’ve might never have considered taking up. This week we look at Bouldering

Chess board in foreground of a boxing match

Chess Boxing

The MALESTROM’s resident boxing expert David Jarvis takes a look at how even in retirement,…