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Travel Style Edit

The sun setting over the sea

Whether it’s a weekend break in Berlin or a beach holiday on the Greek Islands we’ve got the perfect guide to keep you cool and most importantly stylish this summer.


J Crew button-down collar linen shirtA light blue button down linen shirt – Mr Porter – £80

This smart casual buttoned-down linen number from J Crew is the perfect summer holiday shirt. Made from a mix of blue and white woven threads, it’s naturally breathable and is ideal for lunch at the piazza or a slightly more upmarket evening soiree. Like all good things it’s available from the ever dependable Mr Porter, and sticking with the theme it’ll cost you a cool £80 – but there can be no scrimping on summer style.


Gold ‘Bemerton’ SunglassesGold rimmed sunglasses with a dark lens – Cubitts – £125

The wonderful people at Cubitts continue to make the world seem a lot clearer with their standout range of readers, but it’s their sunglasses available in non-prescription (for all you lucky perfectly sighted so-and-so’s) that have caught our eye. There are styles for every shape, but it’s these Bemerton shades with a decidedly pilot vibe that are working for us. They’re £125, but good taste has a price and you’ll be digging these out summer after summer.


Basic hemp t-shirt 30/70 – Washed WhiteA basic white t-shirt – Peggs and Son – £35

A t-shirt from Peggs & Son is kind of a no brainer in our book and needs little to no substantiating, but if this is all a bit new, then let us fill you in. Peggs & Son is the place to go for all your essential sartorial needs, so you might want to get them bookmarked. This simple organic hemp tee is soft and lightweight, it’s also using sustainable materials so you’ll rest assured as you watch the sunset on the French Riviera or wherever it is you find yourself.


Office Flume Slides – GreyBlack rubber slider sandals – Office – £18.99

Guys if you haven’t got down with slider thing yet, what have you been doing? They’re so much comfier than your standard flip-flop, although a big chunky tan line is a potential issue. That aside these grey rubbers from Office are our pick, subtle and stylish – you’ll look cool by the pool at a very reasonable price.


Cream coloured chino shorts

Chino Shorts – UNIQLO – £14.90

Japanese giants UNIQLO are a staple here at The MALESTROM HQ. Originally a textile manufacturer founded in Yamaguchi, it’s no surprise the quality and detail of their garments. Sustainable and affordable are two terms that don’t seem to go together too often these days, but that’s exactly what these classic summer chino shorts are. At only £14.90, you could get the whole range.


Complete the trip accessories

Black passport case

Passport case – Muji – £7.95

Losing your passport is a pain in the arse, losing it on holiday well that means one of two things; your vacation might just might get extended, or, you’ll spend the entire two weeks in some dimly lit office rifling through your pocket phrasebook trying to explain to some official person what’s happened – either way, it’s gonna cost. The solution, get yourself over to your nearest MUJI store and get a passport wallet. Under eight quid is a small price to pay, you do the math.


A bottle of ultrasound spf face cream

Ultrasun – SpaceNK – £30

Apparently, you should wear sun cream all year round, even in bloody Blighty! Well if you’re looking for something lightweight and non-greasy, but packing some serious protection then look no further than this SPF 50 lotion from Ultrasun. It’s perfect for sensitive skin, highly moisturising to fend off those wrinkles, and has a special formula that targets the pigmentation from when you didn’t use a sun cream last time. Job done, head on over to Space NK and get it bought.


A black waist bag

iets frans black courier cross body bag – Urban Outfitters – £28

Ok so you’ve got a case for your passport, but we don’t think you’re out of the woods yet. If you’re anything like us guys, there’ll still be ample opportunity to misplace that brand new passport case you bought from MUJI. The solution comes in the form of that early 90s fad the fanny pack or bum bag – the sensible people at Urban Outfitters are calling it a waist pack! Beloved by American pro-wrestlers hitting the gym for a sesh, this will keep all your important bits right there strapped to your newly tanned body. Plus all the cool kids are wearing them.


A man holding a navy blue weekend travel bag

Weekend Bag 9079 – Navy Blue – No Nationality – €199

A stylish travel bag is a must for any gentleman and we’ve found a beauty from a little further afield. Copenhagen based label NN.07 (No Nationality), make clean crisp stylish staples that are pretty timeless. This weekend bag ticks the right boxes, it’s made from water repellent materials, so a bit of rain ain’t gonna bother your neatly packed clothes. It also has padded inner pockets for your laptop or tablet. Be careful on their site though you could end up with a whole new wardrobe and a hefty credit card bill.


Slow Horses by Mick HerronSlow Horses (Mick Heron) – Amazon – £5.99

Ok you look good, you’ve got some protection on and you finally settle down by the pool with an ice cold beer and some sort of salty snack. You’ve still got your passport hopefully, and you start to feel all relaxed and chill for the first time in a long time, now what? Ah yes, a good book, no holiday is complete without a quality read, and while we’re saving this one for our summer hols, we have it on good authority that this British spy thriller is unputdownable. The first in an acclaimed series from author Mick Herron about a unit of the intelligence service packed with rogues and highly trained misfits who get a chance to redeem themselves when a boy is kidnapped and held hostage. Gripping stuff to read while you catch those rays.

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