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It’s Samba time: Restoring Pride with a Brand New Adidas Collaboration

It’s Samba time: Restoring Pride with a Brand New Adidas Collaboration

David Beckham adidas Pride Shoe

It’s officially Pride season and to celebrate sporting giant Adidas are collaborating on a project that features a who’s who from the showbiz and fashion industries. ‘Prouder’ has got each famous participant to re-imagine the iconic Adidas Samba through the themes of Unity, Originality and Pride.

Celebs such as Pharrell Williams, Marc Jacobs, David Beckham, Skin, Kate Moss, & Goldie have all supported the campaign designing their own shoes.

The shoes will be on display in a unique exhibition and auctioned off by a silent eBay auction in support of the work of the Albert Kennedy Trust who provide safe homes and support to LGBTQ+ youth people facing homelessness.

Talking about the campaign, curator and organiser DJ Fat Tony said,

“I have been involved in activities around London Pride in some shape or form since the late 1980s. I wanted to create something with adidas that really spoke to where we are today by envisaging a new notion of Pride as being one with no labels; and how we as a community alongside our allies can push things further still – hence the concept of ‘Prouder’ – celebrating Unity, Equality and Originality – bridging us all.”

New Order's Pride Shoe
New Order’s Prouder shoe

The customised Adidas Sambas will be on display and open to the public at an exhibition at the HENI Gallery in Soho for London Pride Week from July 4th to 10th.

The exhibition will feature each of the Adidas Sambas alongside projections from the contributors explaining their involvement and individual concepts of being ‘Prouder’. Entrance to the exhibition is free.

We caught up with some of the famous shoe creators to see what makes them proud and what they thought the world needed…

“I think that empathy is the one thing this world really lacks. There is a lot of love, but that love is usually conditional. If we could just have empathy, then you can find your way to loving any and everyone, even if you disagree.” – Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams adidas Pride Shoe
Pharrell’s Prouder shoes

“My ingredients to a perfect world would be a world with no judgement.” – Kate Moss

Kate Moss adidas Pride Shoe
Kate’s Prouder shoes

“What makes me proud; is a new generation who are more tolerant towards each other and with the realisation that we can make moves better together going forward.” – Goldie

Goldie adidas Pride Shoe
Goldie’s Prouder shoes
David Beckham adidas Pride Shoe
Beckham’s Prouder Sambas

Adidas ‘Prouder’ will culminate on the main day of Pride with Adidas’ first ever Pride Float which will feature LED screens set to music and a performance by a live 20-piece Samba band.

At the end of the evening, they’ll be an invite-only after party at the Groucho Club in Soho, which is open to anyone who wants to apply for a ticket.

To bid on the Adidas ‘Prouder’ Sambas, please go to

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