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Men’s Winter Wear: The Style EDIT

Men’s Winter Wear: The Style EDIT

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The colder temperatures have truly arrived and while instinct tells you to batten up the hatches and stick to life indoors, going outside is somewhat inevitable. It’s a time for jumpers, hats and comfortable warming winter wear, so we thought we better give you a leg up in the style stakes and pick some perfect pieces for the changing climate.

We’re thinking comfy corduroy, chunky outerwear, and lots of layers. It’s also a time for hats and gloves, so check out our other recent cold weather guide. Right here is our Men’s Winter Wear Style EDIT.

Brown Corduroy Chinos by Tom Tailor

These slimline cotton chino style cords from Tom Tailor are perfect for the winter weather. The German lifestyle brand is a go-to one-stop shop for stylish and reasonably priced clothing. Brown is always a great option for men come the winter months and opens up the wardrobe, pairing well with khaki green, bold red colours and even white and cream are a great match.

Aztrek 96 Adventure Shoes by Reebok

Reebok has a range of trail inspired footwear like these retro Aztrek 96 adventure shoes. Featuring pops of bright purple and turquoise combined with a suede upper, these bad boys show the Reebok renaissance continues apace.

UO Ecru Borg Hoodie by Urban Outfitters

This cosy hooded fleece style top from Urban Outfitters is a great addition to the winter wardrobe. With a partial zip and drawcord for a trad nineties vibe.

Naval Crew Heavy T-Shirt by Maragaret Howell at Peggs & Son

This big fit shirt made from 100% cotton is subtle and simple but heavy on the quality. From the Margaret Howell range at Peggs & Sons, it’s a classic mix of the traditional and the contemporary.

Classic Knit Hat by Fjallraven

A perfect little knitted hat fro the freezing temperatures. Made from 100% merino wool with a fold-up edge and nice leather logo detail.

Hoody Down Jacket by Patagonia

The freezing temperatures makes the need for a dependable winter jacket essential. This padded number from Patagonia is top-rated in the warmth stakes and it’s simplicity means it won’t go out of style in a hurry. Perfect men’s winter wear.

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