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Putting the Cat in Catwalk Black Panther Style

Putting the Cat in Catwalk Black Panther Style

Next week sees one of the most hotly anticipated superhero movies of all time released to the public in Black Panther, and from all early accounts, it seems this one is definitely worth the wait.

This origin story sees Chadwick Boseman play T’Challa, crown prince of the technologically advanced kingdom of Wakanda, who assumes the throne after his father is killed giving a speech at the UN.

And it’s very much the case of heavy lies the crown, as when an old foe re-emerges, new king T’Challa and his Black Panther alter-ego are drawn into a world-threatening conflict. It’s now time to gather his particularly stylish allies to kick some bad guy behinds while endeavouring to save the planet along the way.

The film is groundbreaking in being the first of its genre to focus on a superhero of African origin and featuring a predominately black cast and African-American director in Ryan Coogler, it draws strongly on the history and culture of the continent through its costumes, location, and soundtrack.

In tribute to the movie’s release, Marvel has teamed up with British stylist Matthew Josephs to create the Wakanda Zine, an imagined look at what a street style magazine from the mystical kingdom may look like. Photographer David Uzochukwu brought these striking looks to life.

About the project, Josephs said,

“I’m a classic geek, growing up on videogames and comics. I’ve read the Black Panther comics so it was a dream to imagine the world of Wakanda as it might look on the pages of a Wakandan street style magazine.”

“Seeing black people on the pages of a Marvel comic left a lasting impression on me and the Dora Milaje (Black Panther’s all-female bodyguard crew)! A whole other level of female representation. That’s very punk and is something we wanted to bring out on each page.”

Black Panther is expected to gross over $150 million in its opening weekend at the Box Office, which would make it one of the top debuts in Marvel Studios’ already lucrative history. Certainly, if the style stakes have anything to do with its success it’s destined for big things.

Three models wearing Black Panther style garments
Credit: David Uzochukwu
A model wearing a silver earring in the shape of Africa and a large silver necklace
Credit: David Uzochukwu
A model wearing black sunglasses and a dark leather outfit stands in the forest
Credit: David Uzochukwu
A model wearing a jewellery encrusted eye mask holds her hands to her head
Credit: David Uzochukwu
A model in a white vest wears a huge silver and blue ring
Credit: David Uzochukwu

A limited run of the Wakanda Zine will be available across the country in independent cafes, cinemas, and restaurants. Marvel Studios’ Black Panther is released in cinemas nationwide from Tuesday 13th February.

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