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Summer Style Essentials: The Travel EDIT

Summer Style Essentials: The Travel EDIT

A clear blue ocean

Whether you’re planning for a two-week beach excursion, just enjoying some home from home city breaks or even taking in the country life with a spot of camping in the British Isles, there’s no excuse for letting your summer style game to hit the skids.

Either which way, we’ve got you covered with our guide to the must-have summer style essentials to keep you looking fresh off the boat in these glorious sunshine-filled months. Oh yeah, and don’t forget the sunscreen!

Crew Neck T-shirt – Peach

Summer style essential peach Champion T-shirt

Classic American sportswear brand Champion will be 100 years old next year, and they’re still churning out quality cuts such as this perfect peachy crew neck t-shirt made from one hundred per cent cotton.

A simple subtle shape, the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe, available from one of our favourites Peggs & son.

Beach Short – Pink

A pair of pink Champion shorts

In fact, while you’re there why not grab a pair of these beach shorts also from the good people at Champion and top off the look.

This summer’s all about bright, pastel hues, so this pink and peach combo will be just the ticket for lazy days at the pool or parading your ‘wears’ on a sun-kissed beach.

Straw Hat

A straw hat from H&M

Losing hats is an all too familiar pastime here at MALESTROM HQ. So parting with hard earned cash for an expensive new lid isn’t top of the agenda.

Which is why we’re liking this simple straw number from H&M, just the job for any travels. It ticks the boxes in the summer style stakes and there’ll be no sleepless nights if it gets left on some secluded beach.

Lenny Wool And Linen-Blend Drawstring Trousers

A pair of linen and wool trousers from Mr Porter

These relaxed linen drawstring keks are ideal summer style wear, perfect with a t-shirt and for your evening activities without the heavy sweat inducing trauma of denim.

They’d work nicely with pumps or some leather sandals, don’t miss the boat get yours now from the first fashion port of call Mr Porter.

Beach Print Shirt

A brightly coloured beach print shirt

When we were kids it was all about garish print shirts, the louder the better and preferably featuring some sort of tropical plant or fruit!

However, time waits for no man and squeezing into some of those items you hung onto dearly from the nineties ain’t an option. Which is why we love this beach print from Zara and at a great price too.

Birkenstock Arizona

A mocha coloured Birkenstock Arizona sandal

Jesus and Gandhi wore sandals so you’re in decent company if you purchase a pair of Birkenstock’s legendary two strap Arizona’s.

Ridiculously comfortable thanks to the cork footbed that actually conforms to the shape of your foot. We favour this mocha shade, but either way in the complex world of sandal wearing – Birkenstock’s the place to go.

Reclaimed Vintage Inspired Aviator Sunglasses In Gold

A pair of gold aviator sunglasses

Some style accessories really stand the test of time and aviators are probably top of that particular list.

We love these gold specs from Asos’s reclaimed vintage range with their classic dark tinted lenses, a worthy addition to your summer sartorial exploits.

Barbour Drywax Washbag

A green Barbour washbag

A good washbag is a must and worth the investment because let’s be honest how often do you really use it?

They can last a lifetime and this perfectly presented pouch from Barbour will see you right. Resin coated and made from waxed leather it’ll cope just fine with that soggy toothbrush.

Bose SoundSport Wireless

A pair of wireless earphones

Be it hanging around the airport or lazy days at the pool, every man requires a solid, reliable pair of headphones.

Holidays are the perfect time to soak up some soothing sounds or just to catch up on that podcast you’ve been threatening to listen to for the last six months (we just recommend Inside Jaws by the way).

Regardless these Bose buds offer the most stunning sound imaginable and are comfortable to boot.

Varta Slim Power Bank 6000

A Varta powerbank charger

There are not many more annoying modern-day moments in life than when our phones run out of juice. But with a decent power bank on hand, this never need be the case again.

This sleekly designed power bank from Varta delivers enough power to fully charge two phones, and also has a handy USB Type C input and output for speed charging. You can plug in two devices at the same time and you’ll get 2.5 full charges of your iPhone 6s out of this bad boy.

The Man Between by Charles Cumming

The Man Between book cover

We do hope you find time in your busy schedule to do a spot of reading as nothing beats a good book. However, whether your a worm or someone who picks out a tame sports biog from WHSmith five minutes before boarding, why not give Charles Cumming’s gripping new thriller a blast. It’s the winner of Ian Fleming’s Steel Dagger for Best Thriller of the Year award don’t you know!!

Lancaster Tan Maximizer Soothing Moisturizer Repairing After Sun Face and Body

Lancaster after sun moisturiser

And after all the sun-kissed frivolities, there’s really no point in investing time, money and energy in your summer style essentials if you’ve got skin like your new Barbour washbag.

This rich and luxurious moisturising after sun from Lancaster will see you right and even promises to prolong that tan long after the sun’s said goodbye for another year.

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