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The MALESTROM 90s Style Edit

The MALESTROM 90s Style Edit

A selection of 90s style clothing

Currently, all the video-on-demand companies are putting their best efforts into delivering us all the nostalgia we can handle, so it’s no surprise we’re seeing an increase in multiple fashion rebirths.

Having lived it and loved it we wanted to take a style trip back to the fabulous era that gave us The Wonder Years, Boy Meets World, Mr Blobby, The Tamagotchi, Internet dial-up tone, Titanic, Viennetta, The Fresh Prince, Furbies, Saved By the Bell, The Super Nintendo, ok you get where we’re at. So to help re-capture the 90s vibe, check out our style edit now.

1) Multicolour Stripes Crew Neck Jumper from Stella McCartney – £308 (half price in the sale!)

Ok first off we know this jumper ain’t cheap, but it’s half the price that it was (thank you sale). This crew neck jumper is from Stella McCartney’s first menswear collection and is as 90s inspired as they come.

2) 90s Metal Round Sunglasses in Gold from ASOS – £12

Once the go-to glasses for Messrs Lennon and Gallagher, these round rimmed sunnies have seen a major resurgence in hipsterville in recent times. The perfect accessory for looking cool when the sun finally does turn up.

3) Plush oversized sweatshirt from Zara in Blue/Green – £25.99

In the early 90s, everything was oversized whether it be mobile phones or those massive TVs. This baggy bad boy from Zara is a particularly good representation of clothing at the time.

Don’t be put off by the fact you could probably fit two people in it, this is how you rocked it back in the day.

4) 5 Panel Cap in Teal With Contrast Peak from ASOS – £10.00

To cap off the look we have this natty five panelled number from ASOS. Cool caps were donned by all in the 90s from Will Smith when he was a Prince to Woody Harrelson in White Men Can’t Jump. Get ahead, get a hat.

5) Cross Body bag from Zara in Red – £29.99

In the 90s people had a bit of an obsession with keeping all their bits very close to their body’s in bum bags (or fanny packs if you hail from the other side of the pond).

You too can re-live those security conscious times with this crossbody bag from Zara. It wraps around your shoulders rather than your waist, so keeps your cards literally close to your chest.

6) Reebok Classic Leather Paisley Pack in Solid Grey/White  – £64.95

Not many trainers scream the 90s quite as loudly as the Reebok Classic. The must-have kicks for a lad at the time. This grey pair with white detail wouldn’t look out of place down the Hacienda. The perfect pair of shoes to Step On.

7) Green Palm Print Short Sleeve Shirt from River Island – £25.00

True Romancers will love this number that gives a nod to Christian Slater’s Hawaiian shirt-clad character in the classic Tarantino written film. This palm print shirt from River Island will give you the look, but without Hollywood pricing.

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