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Kherou – The Wrestler from Dakar

Kherou – The Wrestler from Dakar

When you think of the word ‘wrestler’, you probably think of the highly paid superstars of the WWE who put their bodies on the line for the sake of sports entertainment. But at its grassroots, there isn’t a whole lot of glamour that surrounds the real grappling game, especially in Senegal.

For the Senegalese, their particular style of folk wrestling is the national sport and a major cultural event. Competitors find fame through their battles, but although the wrestling leagues may have money, those that take part often have little.

This short by filmmaker Marko Roth follows Kherou, a young wrestler from Dakar. We watch him display the sheer blood, sweat and tears needed to compete in the sport. Shot entirely on 16mm this gritty, powerful piece is a compelling watch.

Kherou on Vimeo by Marko Roth

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