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A Short Film in the Wilds of Canada: Lure of the North

A Short Film in the Wilds of Canada: Lure of the North

As the clocks go back to signal the official end of British Summertime, we all go about preparing for the changing season, cold winter months, dark afternoons, and a significant drop in temperature. It’s a time to batten down the hatches, keep warm and give the old wardrobe a mix-up, wrapping ourselves in layers, hats and gloves, but, it could be a lot worse…

In this short film, Lure of the North, Canadian based filmmaker Goh Iromoto follows two intrepid travellers in the wild and windy wilderness of Ontario.

As they brave the harsh conditions and remote landscape, the film illustrates how beauty takes many forms, and despite the challenge, spending time in nature away from the trappings of modern life can be a truly meditative and restorative experience.

Beautifully shot and compiled, with a truly engaging audio track, this film is a reminder to embrace the winter period and how the pursuit of happiness can take many forms.

Lure of the North on Vimeo by Goh Iromoto

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