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Short Film: Shaping Surfboards Looks Incredibly Satisfying

Short Film: Shaping Surfboards Looks Incredibly Satisfying

There’s something utterly mesmerising about watching a master craftsman at work. Watching people make things from scratch, or perform so-called menial tasks with the elegance and expertise that only comes from endless hours of practice.

Okitsu-san is a Japanese surfboard shaper and has been on the job for over twenty years. He meticulously shaves, shapes and styles the core of the board with incredible attention to detail.

They say it takes a thousand hours to become an expert, but that excludes one fundamental truth, you need to find a path in life, identify and acknowledge a true purpose and pursue it with passion. That’s exactly what this man has done.

Shokunin X Surfer on Vimeo by Goh Iromoto

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