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What We’ve Been Reading: The Links

It’s a wet and windy Sunday and there’s no better way to spend your day than perusing our weekly roundup of the latest links and news featuring some rather interesting articles on Autumn, film, fighting and everything in between. What we’ve been reading? Here are the links.

Afrobeats is big business. The Nigerian musicians infiltrating the Global Pop Scene (The New Yorker) Read More

Hangover cures that work! Three GPs, a nutritionist, and a chef give their verdict (BBC) Read More

The state of modern boxing and the impact Canelo Alvarez vs Gennady Golvkin has had on the sport (Boxing News) Read More

After a long hot Summer, Autumn is set to be full of colour – here’s the science behind why (The Guardian) Read More

Time for a wardrobe rethink. Autumn style and how to pull it off (The Idle Man) Read More

The Culture

A film fest with a twist, the wonderful, weird and the sometimes terrifying collide at the Fantastic Film Fest. Here’s 2018’s highlights (i09) Read More

Pontevedra is the paradisiacal Spanish City where the Mayor has banned all cars (The Guardian) Read More

The shortlist for The Man Booker Prize 2018 has been announced (The Man Booker Prize) Read More

A career gone cold, the complex life and times of the once great Chevy Chase (The Washington Post) Read More

Jackass favourite Steve-O celebrates ten years of sobriety by entering a triathlon (Men’s Health) Read More

Space Jam 2 will be a reboot not a sequel as LeBron James continues to follow in MJ’s footsteps (NME) Read More

The 100 most powerful people in the entertainment industry according to the Hollywood Reporter (The Hollywood Reporter) Read More

The morning after the night before, how MMA fighters recover from a brutal showdown (Bleacher Report) Read More

Over a decade on from Neil Strauss’s The Game, Pick Up Artists have evolved. Or have they? (Buzzfeed) Read More