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Why Are Watches a Good Investment Piece?

Why Are Watches a Good Investment Piece?

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The humble wristwatch can mean a great many things, to a great many people. For some, it is a simple tool for telling the time. For others, it is a symbol for personal success and achievements. A watch can be a fashion statement, a critical instrument, and an example of wealth.

Watches are a key part of professional culture and personal identity; their importance over time, and to those that value quality timepieces, has led to watches becoming popular collector’s items. Whether vintage brands or modern trailblazers, the watch represents a strong investment piece as a result – but why, exactly?

They Retain Their Value

Firstly, and most important for the vast majority of investors, watches and other associated timepieces are remarkably good at retaining their value over time. Even brands of relatively poor repute depreciate less in comparison to equivalent items of different types.

This is what makes watch collection a relatively low-risk endeavour, and a perfect starting point for budding collectors or antiquarians. It also means that watches can provide a useful function in the form of wealth preservation.

With your watches at least retaining their value, and potentially increasing in value, your investment is protected. You can pawn your watch for short-term cashflow purposes, and be sure to receive a value somewhat equivalent to your initial purchase price – or greater, depending on other factors.

Brand Integrity

There are various mechanisms behind the unique ability watches have to store value, beyond the literal clockwork mechanisms that keep them ticking. One such mechanism is that of brand integrity, which sees the pedigree afforded by certain names and manufacturers affect value and popularity in kind.

Brands like Rolex and Cartier are household names, and watches of any type that bear those names are bound to find interest, or even a buyer, whenever they sell. This means that branded watches of any age enjoy the same boost in interest.

Meanwhile, newer brands are beginning to stake their own claim in the modern watchmaking world, with sustainable messaging and relatively accessible price points. These are more of a gamble for the money-minded investor but could also represent the best opportunity for growing wealth; their pedigree is yet to be established, and their value could skyrocket.

Timepieces are Timeless

Lastly, a general point regarding timepieces and their widespread appeal; watches are practically timeless in the modern world, being an ever-present accessory item in Western culture since the advent of the pocket-watch. Today they signify taste, culture, wealth and success interchangeably, and appeal in different ways to different demographics.

All this to say, watches are a reliable investment thanks to their ubiquity. They retain value excellently due, in large part, to the simple fact that there will always be a buyer. Watches are, so to speak, a safe bet when it comes to investment in assets.

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