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A Few More Christmas Gift Solutions

A Few More Christmas Gift Solutions

A selection of Christmas gift ideas

So we’ve brought you an extensive and wide-ranging selection of gifts for everyone imaginable, be it Mum, Dad, the Grandparents, the Missus, the foodie, those that see themselves as being somewhat cultured and well-considered, to the really annoying family member who can’t wait for the shops to open on Boxing Day and make that return.

We’re grateful to all the wonderful brands who’ve chosen to share their wares with us this year. For those still struggling, we hope you find some inspiration with this guide that includes some more manly gifts that are enough to fill any bloke with Christmas cheer.

Organic Shaving Soap by Dr Bronners £10.39

This soap is an absolute dream, particularly for those that still choose to shave as part of their daily routine. It leaves the skin feeling relaxed and nourished and is supplemented by essential oils. This loveliness works equally well whatever the body part, man or woman, so we’re told. Organic and fair trade as per.

The Fitzrovia Candle by BradyWilliams £86

Created exclusively for by one of the UK’s leading candle chandlers, Rachel Vosper for BradyWilliams, this luxurious candle is an oriental blend of patchouli, ylang, orange and jasmine blossoms with a musky undertone, that all combine to create epic wafts and uplifting aromas. Available in black and white.

Facial Moisturiser Lift by Men-ü £15.95

The concentrated moisturiser and aftershave balm combo is a refreshing non-greasy solution to your regular tired and dull-looking skin. It’s packed with mint and menthol to cool, refresh and help relieve redness. And with as many as 165 applications, this is grooming that goes a long way.

The Angle Razor by Morrama £85

If you want to look sharp this Christmas or to simply drop a heavy hint to your man to lose the face fuzz, we’ve got the solution. Milled from aluminium with a brass pin, this rather gorgeous Angle Razor from Morrama is the perfect product for the very best wet shave you can have at home. The razor takes any double-edged blade split in two, so each shave will cost you pennies. It even comes with a matching stand.

Tea Tree Oil After Shave Face Balm by Australian Bodycare £11.50

To keep that lovely visage soft and smooth after a wet shave then look no further from this face balm from Australian Bodycare. It’s formulated with high pharmaceutical-grade Australian Tea Tree Oil, Allantoin and the devilish sounding Tasmanian Pepper extract which all help to give a soothing effect and prevent that annoying irritation once the razor has been to work. Here’s to a blemishless boat race.

Instant Fix Eye Lift Gel by Dr Sebagh £48

You know those wrinkles that are getting deeper and deeper, well, and we should have told you this a while ago to be fair, they need a daily dose Dr Sebagh instant eye lift. This super-lightweight gel brightens, firms and reduces, like a pro. It gives an immediate lifting and tightening effect so next time your friends see you they’ll think you’re some kind of Benjamin Button type.

Serum Repair by Dr Sebagh £69

An award-winning serum no less that leaves you looking instantly younger, especially if you stand next to a really old person. Seriously though, this concoction, repairs damaged skin leaving it plump and youthful, and properly hydrated. Now that has to worth anyone’s hard-earned cash.

Alexander by Solid Cologne UK £14.99

This concentrated wax cologne housed in a neat sliding tin is the perfect portable fragrance to keep you smelling great when you’re on the go. Solid Cologne’s top seller, Alexander, is a sweet, rich and sophisticated scent. Made with natural ingredients, beeswax, shea butter and jojoba oil, this skin moisturising cologne is a stylish stocking filler.

Primitive Technology by John Plant £16.99

This book accompanies the riveting YouTube series by John Plant where blokes can get the lowdown and the how-to when it comes to building stuff only using the vast natural supermarket we call the wild. This book gives you a more detailed breakdown and step-by-step instructions, so you can finally build that man shed in the New Year.

The Wall by John Lanchester £6.99

A pertinent piece of fiction given the troubled waters we now sail in on a daily basis. Like a modern-day 1984, acclaimed novelist John Lanchester has created a satirical masterpiece that deals with some very relevant issues like rising waters, rising fear, rising political division and blends them into a suspenseful story of love, trust, and survival.

Letters from an Astrophysicist by Neil DeGrasse £12.99

If you’re looking to give the gift of some serious knowledge this Noel, then a few wise words from one of the ‘most influential people in the world’ (TIME) might just be the way to go. Science boffin Neil deGrasse Tyson has transformed how the US public sees the stars and in his new book, he answers letters he receives, covering everything from the mysteries of the universe, God and our own mortality. Heavy-duty help for the troubled times we live in.

Wool Socks by Pantherella £15.95

Listen there’s getting socks for Christmas and there’s getting a pair of the finest wool socks with a glorious seasonal, festive pattern and tone, made by England’s finest sockmakers Pantharella. Last warning people!

Gingerbread Dark Chocolate by Love Cocoa £4.95

This Christmassy dark number from our friends at Love Cocoa tastes soooo good and 10% of the profits from this sumptuous festive chocolate bar go to the Rainforest Foundation. The good news doesn’t stop there, as while it’s packaging is 100% recyclable all the ingredients are ethically sourced. Win, win, win.

Photography by Simon J Evans

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