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New Year New You: The Reading List

New Year New You: The Reading List

New Year Books

Yes, 2020 is the year that I’m going to start reading more books, you say. Trouble is you said that January 2019, and the year before and so on and so forth. Here at The MALESTROM, we need little encouragement to sit down with a good book, but, we do appreciate that time is precious and it’s increasingly being filled up with stuff we never knew we needed to do.

That’s partly because the world is changing oh so rapidly, however, one thing that hasn’t changed is – books are good. Maybe the solution to all this is some inspiring reading that helps you make some necessary changes to your hectic life and, reintroduces the positive benefits of reading and, well, before you know it, maketh you a bonafide bookworm. Here are some books that’ll inspire a new you for the new year or should that be decade?

Get A F*cking Grip by Matthew Kimberley

Do you hate self-help? Then this is the self-help book for you! A no-nonsense kick up the backside guide to getting things done and getting a f**cking grip. Blunt, acerbic, on point, this is a book for all those procrastinators out there that need a little reminder and shove in the right direction.

Kimberley doesn’t so much provide new information or a new way of thinking but a timely reminder of what you already know. The answers to our problems lie deep inside all of us, we just need to wake up and smell the coffee people.

Tiny Habits by BJ Fogg 

Bad habits, we’ve all got them, some have more than others, but whatever it is you want to change, it can feel like climbing Mount Everest. We’ve all been guilty of making unrealistic New Years Resolutions, maybe you’re in the midst of it right now.

Well, pioneering habit guru and one of the world’s leading experts in this field BJ Fogg, has a new book that empowers you to make small changes and focus on your success, rather than insurmountable challenges followed by failures. Insightful and easy to put into practice, Tiny Habits could transform your perspective in a big way. 

Goodbye, Things by Fumio Sasaki

One of the by-products of capitalist ideology is mass consumerism. Never before have we had so much stuff, and more pertinently single-use stuff. If you’re drowning under a sea of things and your home looks more like a storage unit than a living space, maybe Goodbye Things is the New Year book for you.

Fumio Sasaki is a writer in his thirties who lives in a tiny studio in Tokyo with three shirts, four pairs of trousers, four pairs of socks and not much else. A few years ago, he realised that owning so much stuff was weighing him down – so he started to get rid of it. The result? A simpler, happier, more fulfilling life.

Metahuman: Unleashing Your Infinite Potential by Dr. Deepak Chopra

A regular on the New York Times bestseller list, a legend of the self-improvement game and all-round otherworldy wise man Dr. Deepak Chopra’s latest pioneering insights explore our infinite potential, once we shake those damn limiting beliefs and negative structures.

This book reveals a 31-day guide to help us wake up and rid ourselves from the old conditioning that underlies anxiety, tension and ego-driven demands. Only then does your infinite potential become your personal reality.

Live Like A Stoic by Massimo Pigliucci & Gregory Lopez

“The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts”, Marcus Aurelius. If it’s this kind of wisdom that makes you sit up and take notice of your squandered existence then maybe a dose of stoic inspiration is needed in your life.

Yes, Live Like A Stoic, embraces the age-old philosophising of the likes of Aurelius, Epictetus and Seneca through a range of practical exercises and lessons that will undoubtedly improve one’s happiness and inform a strength of character you may have lost or never knew you had.

Eat Green by Melissa Hemsley

There’s no doubt that we live in a time where consideration for the planet, sustainability and community consciousness are higher than at any point since such things weren’t an issue because the world was a different place. Of course, a lot of emphases has been put on previous generations, and their role, however, there was no issues with plastic or waste and most lived sustainably even inadvertently.

Our focus should be on our governments, and big corporations, and doing what we can on a smaller level. And this book will help you cut back on food waste while eating a healthier veg focused diet, rich in nutrients from UK producers. Sounds like a start.

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