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The Real Hunger Games

The Real Hunger Games

Jennifer Laurence on the poster for the first Hunger Games Film. He holds a bow and arrow in one hand. The words The Real have been added to the poster above the words Hunger Games

We all loved The Hunger Games right? What’s not to like about Jennifer Laurence and a host of other good looking teens fighting to the death on an island in front of a baying global TV audience. All good fun as it’s a movie, pretty much harmless escapism, but it looks like this disturbing dystopian future has become reality sooner than any of us could have ever imagined. Because there’s going to be an actual real-life Hunger Games-esque TV show called Game2:Winter!

A big brown bear roars angrily on the front of a magazine promoting Game2: Winter
© The Siberian Times

The reality show will see an international cast of 15 men and 15 women left on a Siberian island by the Ob River for a nine month game of survival. Temperatures as low as -50C will test participants to their very limits, oh and there’s the brown bears, the huge deadly brown bears. Sounds pretty hairy to us, but lets get to the really shocking part. A rule for the programme has been laid down, and it’s not pretty. Apparently, ‘everything is allowed. Fighting, alcohol, murder, rape, smoking, anything.’ Yep you heard that right, The Island with Bear Grylls this aint.

On being asked by The Siberian Times whether people working on the show would intervene if something went down, millionaire organiser of Game 2 (and probably lovely man) Yevgeny Pyatkovsky, 35, said ‘No we won’t. I am pretty sure there will be fights, and more. We are not scared of negative reaction if that happens either.’ Apparently it would be for police to step in rather than anyone involved in making the show, or as Pyatkovsky put it ‘punishment will follow according to the Russian Criminal Code’. Sounds like a right laugh eh?

And what would make a rational mind put themselves through this sort of demented challenge? Cash of course with the winner set to take home 100 million roubles (£1.3 million) and what’s left of their self respect.

A picture of an island in Tomsk in Siberia surrounded by water
Credit: Tourist Club Tomsk

During their time on the island of nine square kilometres is in the Tomsk region, participants will only be allowed knives as weapons and they won’t be able to bring anything else. We’re sure the bears are sharpening their claws as we speak. They get one set of clothes for the duration of the show and at the start they get to choose items from a store such as axes, fishing rods, soap and hand saws. Catching food will be key to their survival, whether it be fish or the game on the island. In winter they’ll need to cut holes in the ice to go fishing.

Hundreds of wannabe survivalists have applied to take part in Game2:Winter including ex-forces, an estate agent and even a “professional blonde”, whatever that entails. The final choice will come down to a vote cast by online viewers. The minimal requirements for interested parties is simply being over eighteen and “mentally sane”. Thankfully that rules us here at The MALESTROM out of contention. Two thousand cameras will film the action to be shown 24 hours a day worldwide on the internet starting in July.

Let the real Hunger Games begin …

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