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Watch the New Wu-Tang Clan Documentary, ‘For the Children’, Marking 25 Years Since the Release of 36 Chambers

Watch the New Wu-Tang Clan Documentary, ‘For the Children’, Marking 25 Years Since the Release of 36 Chambers

Wu-Tang Clan from documentary For the Children

It’s been 25 years since rap innovators the Wu-Tang Clan’s released their seminal album Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers). An era-defining album that made them rise to the very top of the industry.

To mark this massive milestone the group have released a free documentary called For the Children, that goes behind the scenes, with the remaining members (RIP Ol’ Dirty) talking candidly about how the record came about and the huge impact it had.

There’s also some fresh hip hop blood appearing in the film in the shape of A$AP Rocky & A$AP Ferg who talk about how this Staten Island street clan changed the game and helped cultivate their future with the A$AP Mob movement in Harlem. Filmmaker Bengali American filmmaker Shomi Patwary directed the 17-minute documentary.

From For the Children we also get fascinating insights into how some of the sounds were made on some of the tracks. Who knew the grimy snare on ‘Bring the Ruckus’ was actually a mic placed under a paint bucket being slapped with a ruler? Not many of us till now. Much credit for creating all these sounds and bringing the project together in the mix with his lo-fi kit was sonic wizard the RZA.

The Clan are also releasing some limited edition merch to tie in with the anniversary, and being Wu-Tang it’s not just any old standard T-shirt with their logo on it, but some seriously desirable items. If we don’t get our hands on a pair of the group’s amazing Clarks Wallabees collaboration with the Wu-Tang’s emblem branded on the back, someone’s going to pay for it.

Rehearing those blistering tracks today, they still feel just as fresh and relevant as they were on the album’s release. Even twenty-five years along the road it’s clear from the documentary that the Wu-Tang Clan still ain’t nuthing ta f**k wit.

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