A selection of pale pastel coloured clothing items for men

The Style Edit: We’re Talking Pale Pastels

It may still be a bit gloomy and drizzly outside, but it is Spring and…

A montage of 5 stylish Christmas coloured jumpers

Ditch the Naff Knits & Keep it Classy This Christmas

What on earth is it with the deluge of cheap naff Christmas jumpers?! Fully grown…

Graffiti picture of a hipster on a grey wall. The hipster has a quiff, glasses and a beard and twirled moustache. He wears a tweed suit with a bowtie

Time to Lose the Beard? Just Might be

Beards have been the go to fashion accessory for men for years. The MALESTROM asks the question is it time to part ways with your face fuzz?

A collage of the latest Autumn fashion trends

Autumn/Winter 2017 Style Edit

Autumn has well and truly arrived and it’s time to put those summer style staples…

An image of a wooden jetty on a pristine clear blue sea

Feature Five: What’s New?

Like an alley cat – we here at The MALESTROM are always on the prowl…

A neatly folded and organsied set of shirt shoes wallet camera keys ciggies and lighter!

Best Style Sites

Here at The MALESTROM, we’re fully committed to bringing you the latest and greatest in…

British Vintage Boxing

Meet the Brand: British Vintage Boxing

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Meet the Brand: Stubble & Co

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Joe Foster creator of Reebok

The Birth of a Brand: Reebok Founder Joe Foster Talks About Creating a Footwear Phenomenon

Sports wear brand Reebok needs no introduction. In fact if alien life forms do ever…