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Spring Style, Camping Cool: The EDIT

Spring Style, Camping Cool: The EDIT

A man sits in the woods drinking coffee

Here at The MALESTROM we’re big fans of gettings outdoors and exploring the great unknown, embracing nature and taking in the sights and sounds of the countryside. And, as Spring looms on the horizon, thoughts turn to weekend breaks, longer days and sunshine filled strolls through the great British landscape.

Whether you’re a city dweller looking for a splash of outdoor chic or a country fella looking for some functional fashion and inspiration we’ve got you covered. We’ve teamed up with some of our favourite outdoor and lifestyle specialists including The North Face, Oboz, Finisterre and Primus to bring you a bespoke take on the spring season camping vibe.

“Leave the road, take the trails.” – Pythagoras

A man wearing a Men's Impendor Thermoball Jacket and orange Finisterre beanie

A man carrying a kettle wearing a Men's Impendor Thermoball Jacket

North Face Men's Impendor Thermoball Jacket

A man zips up a North Face Men's Impendor Thermoball Jacket

A man wearing a North FaceMen's Impendor Thermoball Jacket and Finisterre beanie

Oboz Bridger Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots

Oboz Bridger Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots and the Primus Lite+ All-in-One Stove

A man turns on the Primus Lite+ All-in-One Stove

Men’s Impendor Thermoball Jacket – £200

If you want to turn some heads while feeling good about helping in the fight against plastic waste then this ThermoBall jacket from outdoor gods The North Face is for you. Their ThermoBall product line is made of fibres and fabrics created from recycled plastic bottles.

With the Impendor jacket, you get the same top performance you’d expect from the brand’s wares, so lightweight, with no compromise in freedom of movement and crucially warmth in all the right places, but the big change here is it’s made from recycled polyester fabric and recycled insulation. Saving the planet while looking good. Who can’t get on board with that?

Oboz Bridger Mid Waterproof – £150

The guys over at Oboz aren’t just blazing a trail on their doorstep with these comfortable, stylish, lightweight and ridiculously resilient boots, they’re leaving a positive stamp on the planet with their innovative, sustainable approach to business.

Back in 2007, a group likeminded footwear industry workers decided to knock the big brand paycheck on the head and form their own company inspired by the outdoors and the stunning surroundings of Bozeman in the Rocky Mountains.

Intent on doing business the right way, i.e. in a manner befitting of our wonderful planet, the good folk at Oboz not only plant a tree for every pair of boots sold, but they also power their empire using energy from the wind farms of Central Idaho and Washington.

There’s a lot to be learned from these guys, not least how to make incredible handmade boots that’ll last a long time if not a lifetime.

Finisterre Fisherman Beanie – £30

This traditional fisherman’s rib from Finisterre is made from 100% superfine, ethically sourced Merino wool.

We’ve previously championed the brand’s commendable commitment to sustainable clothing, and their pioneering approach to producing environmentally conscious clothing, so we won’t bang on about it too much here.

But suffice to say these guys are good. As is this comfy beanie that will keep your noggin nice and toasty on the chilliest of days.

Primus Lite+ All-in-One Stove – €129.95

When it comes to outdoor living Primus know a thing or two. They’ve spent the past 125 years perfecting outdoor cooking equipment to keep adventurers fueled for a stroll through the woods or an expedition up Everest.

Their Lite+ all-in-one stove is a compact bit of kit that has become a trip essential. The 500ml anodized aluminium pot comes with a heat resistant sleeve and webbing handle so you can use the stove hanging up and it can be also used as a mug, with its optional coffee press making two cups of fresh coffee in a handful of minutes.

With the stove being super efficient so you don’t need to burn as much fuel to get your brew on, which means less gas and less weight.

A man sits in the woods drinking coffee from the Primus Lite+ All-in-One Stove

Other – Trapper style hat by Zara, check shirt by Shore Leave at Urban Outfitters, jeans by Nudie and socks from Uniqlo.

Woodland trees

All images by Simon J Evans

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