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The Weekly Roundup

The Weekly Roundup

All you January folk couldn’t have picked a worse month to give up the bottle. What with the political unrest gripping the nation, the short, cold, dark, damp wintery days. Well, thankfully longer days are nearly here and there are only a few of them till you crack open that booze cabinet once more. In the meantime here’s the usual weekly roundup of news, nonsense and everything in between.


With the Brexit deadline very much on the horizon, Britain’s politicians are still too busy chasing each other around the playground. Peter Spencer gives us an update. Read More

It’s FA Cup weekend and attention turns to all things grassroots. So we took the chance to catch up with photographer Chris Baker who’s been documenting Sunday League Football on Hackney Marshes for his new book. Read More

Need some time to yourself, or simply want to drown out the noise as January thankfully nears an end? Well, we’ve curated a list of podcasts to make that morning commute slightly more palatable. Read More

Talking of football, ever wondered who the most decorated British player of all time is? Well, wonder no more – we’ve done the math. Read More

Another from the archive – if you’ve been enjoying Channel 4’s SAS: Who Dares Wins, then have a read of our interview with former Special Forces Sergeant and star of the show Jason Fox. Read More

What We’ve Been Reading

Frank Ocean’s 2016 video album ‘Endless’ – his last with Def Jam Recordings – is set to become available on streaming services (Highsnobiety) Read More

Apparently, and this is important, how you draw an X says a lot about your personality and shock horror, it’s taken social media by storm (Oprah Magazine) Read More

Ever taken some time out of your day to consider who Valerie of Patisserie Valerie is? No us neither, but here’s the fascinating story (BBC News) Read More

How tough a sport is Rugby League, well, Stuart Pearce is glad he became a footballer! (The Independent) Read More

It’s a crazy world we live in, but if you’re struggling with an addiction to your smartphone, there’s an app you can download on your smartphone that helps? (The Guardian) Read More

How likely you are to make into old age, is dependent on your gender and body size. (CNN) Read More

The worryingly complex world of recycling and why people are wondering if it’s worth the effort. (The Conversation) Read More

Who’s going to be the next Bond, apparently Richard Madden is a serious contender. (Huffington Post) Read More

Clips of the Week

Old footage of a 14-year-old Andy Murray talking about a possible future in the men’s game Watch

Manny Pacquiao runs into Floyd Mayweather ringside at the basketball, cue the most awkward handshake ever…

If you’ve got too much spare time on your hands why not pour boiling hot lava into your swimming pool? Wait, I’ve not a got a swimming pool…

Crazy man does barbell deadlift using his mouth, ouch…

Zac Efron’s taken on the role of America’s most notorious serial killer Ted Bundy…

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