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A Complete Guide for Ordering Custom Uniforms for Sports Teams

A Complete Guide for Ordering Custom Uniforms for Sports Teams

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Whether it’s football, cricket, basketball or rugby, sports uniforms are required for every team. But sports team uniforms are not only a requirement, but these essential items also represent the team spirit.

You can easily design a uniform with a logo, but ordering a custom uniform is about more than just the design. There are so many aspects to take into account when creating a sports uniform, such as sweat spots, weather damage, and durability.
Sports are challenging activities and the uniforms are the team’s armor. Therefore, the best solution is to create a custom-made sports uniform, perfectly tailored to the needs of the team. Here’s a complete guide that you can follow.

What to Know Before You Choose Your Custom Sports Attire

When you’re looking for tips on how to choose a custom sports attire for your team, you’ll have to consider several things so that you don’t end up with any faulty uniforms.

Avoid the Trademark Infringement

When you’re designing your team’s uniforms, it’s okay to take inspiration from other clubs or movies. But these inspirations often have copyright issues. You cannot just blindly copy-paste someone else’s trademark or logo. Make sure that yours is 100% original.

Know Your Institution’s Policies

Some schools require that their teams have the school logo on their sports uniform. This is a benefit that works both ways: your school funds the uniform and gets free advertising. So, if your team needs funding, make sure you include the logo of your institution in the design. Otherwise, you might lose out!

Have Appropriate Designs

The jersey or sports uniform you’re designing should not have any inappropriate words or symbols in it. Symbols like a swastika or sexual slang cannot be included.

Keep these things in mind before ordering or designing your team’s uniform. Remember, the uniform is your armor. And it’s not only an outfit you’ll wear on the field but an expression of the whole team.

Tips for Ordering Custom Uniforms

If you’ve selected your designs, it’s time to order! Make sure you’ve chosen a good tailor to make the team’s uniforms. Tailors matter and they can help you choose the fabric. Here are some tips that will help you:

1. Order Way Before Your Event

Don’t wait, team uniforms should be ordered at least two weeks before the actual event. This is so that if there’s a mistake, you’ll have time to fix it. It also gives you some breathing room for any delays.

2. Know the Minimum Order Quantity

The companies you’re ordering from will almost always have a minimum quantity for ordering. You cannot ask for only one uniform from most companies. But as you’re ordering for a team, you can order more! Asking about the minimum quantity will also help you define your budget.

3. Consider Your Sport Type

Will you be playing in the sun, rain or ice? You need to consider the type of sport your team plays before you order the uniforms as this will help choose the fabric.

4. Always Go for Screen Printing

Screen printing is cheaper, better and won’t wear out easily. Just be aware that you’ll have to work with limited colors. Have contrasting and bold colors in your design.

5. Opt for Free Art

Ideally, you’ll be able to design your own jersey or uniform. But if you can’t, there are many companies that will offer you free designs.

6. Always Order a Few Extra Pair

When ordering for a team, make sure you order a few extras. There’s always that one clumsy person in your team who will rip their uniform or lose it. It’s always good to have an extra uniform in case someone new joins the team.

7. Order for Your Fans!

If your friends are watching, they’d probably love to have their own uniforms as well. You can collect money from your friends and order supporter uniforms for each of them

To Wrap Up

Sports uniforms are always something special. You’ll find yourself holding onto it for years. Order good quality material and design the logo nicely. A budget-friendly yet good quality sportswear is not hard to find. You just have to follow the tips!

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